With more time at home in this era of social distancing and
self-isolation, more people are reading.

BookBub is a daily service that we discovered. It alerts readers to free and deeply discounted ebooks that are available for a limited time. Readers sign up with just an email address, and then select their favorite genres. From romance to mystery, cookbooks to non-fiction, and literary to historical fiction there are more than 35 categories to choose from.
Each day, they send an email with free and discounted bestselling ebooks in your selected genres. Just click, download, and read on any device: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, & more. Each title is hand selected by their editorial team to ensure the highest quality. In addition, each book is at least 75% off, and many are free, which makes it extremely low risk to try new authors and genres. It has been called the “Groupon of books.”