A Message from The Wardens
On behalf of the Vestry, we want to let the congregation know about an issue that will affect the use of part of the St. Andrew’s property for the next several months—specifically, the six parking spaces closest to Buchanan Street, behind the Church building. (Area pictured below.)

           As some of you are aware, St. Boniface is about to break ground on a project that will add to the size of its school building. When completed, the addition will go almost all the way to the St. Boniface property line, across the alley from St. Andrew’s. During construction, St. Boniface and its contractor (Korte & Luitjohan) will require continuous access to the alley between St. Boniface and St. Andrew’s The contractor will use that part of the alley to install and store equipment and move equipment and personnel to the construction site. As part of this process, the City of Edwardsville will restrict part of the alley from public use. The restricted part of the alley will start, in general terms, from the tree located at the edge of St. Andrew’s property, and go to Buchanan Street.

           At the request of St. Boniface and its contractor, and following negotiations, the Vestry has entered into an agreement under which Korte & Luitjohan will have exclusive use of these parking spaces for the purposes described above. During this time, members of St. Andrew’s will not be able to access or use these parking spaces.  Korte & Luitjohan’s use of the property will start on December 14, 2020 and run until July 30, 2021.

           This agreement does not include the St. Andrew’s parking spaces located immediately behind Pearson Hall. Those spaces will continue to be accessible to St. Andrew’s members entering the alley from Fillmore Street (the side street at the end of the block, furthest from St. Andrew’s).  For geographical reference—this agreement covers the parking spaces located in the area starting at the tree on the south side of the St. Andrew’s property, and continuing westward to Buchanan Street. 

           In return for its use of the parking spaces, St. Boniface and its contractor will pay St. Andrew’s $2,500.00. The written lease agreement contains provisions necessary to protect the financial interests of St. Andrew’s, such as providing that St. Andrew’s will be protected in the event of any accidents that may occur during the construction process and/or any damage that may be done to the parking spaces during construction.

           We understand that this situation will cause some burden on members of the congregation who have used those parking spaces in the past, and we will attempt to find solutions to whatever inconvenience occurs. As a practical matter, it is very likely that St. Andrew’s would lose access to those parking spaces even without this formal rental agreement because of the way that use of the public alley will be restricted during construction. 

           If you have any questions or comments about this matter, please feel free to contact either of us, or any of the other Vestry members.

Kevin Babb, Senior Warden (attorneykevinbabb@sbcglobal.net) (618-741-6751)
Walter Bohn, Junior Warden (wwbohn@yahoo.com) (618-920-0189)