Volume 1| October 2018
Alderman Carol Howard
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14th Ward News
October 20, 2018 Newsletter 14th Ward
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It is both a privilege and an honor to serve as your Alderman for the 14th Ward, City of St. Louis. Thank you for allowing me to represent you at City Hall each day.

 I have not sent my newsletter for a few weeks due to illness, with that in mind, I will take this opportunity to remind everyone to get their flu vaccine.  Many of the health care providers have offered free flu shots. If you are too late for those, Walgreens, Walmart and many other providers offer flu shots. Be sure to get all the immunizations you need for your age group to be healthy. 

The Board of Aldermen passed Resolution 155 for a Smart City initiative. This Resolution lets the public know that the City is working on a plan to coordinate with utilities and infrastructure providers to coordinate placement of infrastructure to be less disruptive to the Citizens and less costly to the City. The City will require utilities to coordinate construction plans to minimize the disruption of roadways and sidewalks. This will provide greater efficiency for the City to repair infrastructure after utilities complete work. There will be more information to come.

The Fourteenth Ward will soon welcome LaFonda at 3830 Morganford at the corner of Bingham. This will be a small Mexican Restaurant. I ask that you support them in their new business in the 14 th Ward. 

The building at 4616-28 Morganford demolition is almost complete.  The owner, OL Properties has redeemed the property from the tax sale. I met with the owner and their representative, they both promised a to have a plan on November 5. I will meet with them then and let you know what they have in mind. Let me know what you would like to have in that space.

There were several 14 th Ward properties up for auction at the Sheriff’s tax sale. Three of the five were sold and I have reached out to the new owners. Two did not sell and I am working to identify a developer for market rate housing on each site.  These are both vacant lots that can provide a newly constructed market rate home for a family. I am looking forward to making an announcement soon.

Finally, the November 6 election is just around the corner.  This ballot has quite a number of issues and many decisions to think through.  The St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners has a Sample Ballot.  I suggest that you take the time to read through and decide how to vote before going to the polls Tuesday, November 6.  Also there are several independent websites to get fair independent, non-partisan election information. Here some sites to check out: Votesmart.org , RealClearPolitics.com , Ballotpedia.org , and PolitiFact.com . These provide information on candidates and issues they so you can decide. 

As your Democratic Alderman know that we have very strong Democratic candidates at both the State and Federal level please cast your vote for them.  

I strongly encourage each of you to retain Senator Claire McCaskill, she has been an advocate for healthcare, national defense and our Missouri values. It is critical to the state and nation to re-elect Senator McCaskill to represent us in Washington.  As a Democrat, I know there is a great slate of Democratic candidates we must re-elect and elect to further our represent us state-wide and nationally.  As for the judges, this website is informative Missouri Judges  

Issues are plentiful and I think everyone should take the time to consider each one carefully.

Amendment 1 known as CLEAN Missouri, I will vote YES .  I endorse this Constitutional Amendment to bring greater transparency to all politic/politicians. 

There are three marijuana bills on the ballot. Two are constitutional amendments to allow medical marijuana cultivation, sales and distribution.  The Proposition C changes state law to allow the use of medical Marijuana. I will vote for NO on Amendment 3 because there is one Doctor/ Attorney that will regulate all commercial licenses. Prop C allows for legislators to amend the law.   Amendment 2 is highly endorsed by many organizations and would codify the use of medical marijuana in the State of Missouri. Do your homework and decide.  

Proposition B   I wholeheartedly endorse increasing the State wide minimum wage to $8.60 per hour. This also provides for 85 cents annual wage increases through 2023.  This is long overdue to bring families up to a living wage across the State of Missouri.

Proposition D   I will vote YES on this a fuel tax proposal to fund infrastructure and road improvements. It is also funding the Highway Patrol. I believe that Missouri needs to fund road improvement and this tax will give our City funds to improve our bridges and streets for greater safety.  

If you need an absentee ballot or a ride to the polls please call me at 314 630 6420

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