Volume 03 | May 1st 2020
Coaches Connecting
Our coaches are voluntarily commiting their time, expertise, and care into creating these newsletters for you. Hoping to spread a little tennis joy and to stay connected, please enjoy the third volume of our Coaches Connecting Newsletter.
Monday Match Play Q&A with Marin
Coach Eric's, Foundations
Looking to improve yourself at home? The Calgary Public Library is a hidden gem and has a plethora of online digital resources that you can access at home with your Calgary Public Library card ( signing up for one is free) . Content is available for all ages, from kids learning and study tools, to learning coding and other career development courses at Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning). Wanting to travel lots in a post-COVID19 world? Start learning a new language with Rosetta Stone access through the Calgary Public Library. There are also free entertainment options with E-books, audiobooks, movies, music, and much more for you to explore.
Coach Paulina
This week Paulina wants to shake things up a bit, instead of offering a healthy recipe, like she has the previous 2 volumes, she wants to share her Serve Analysis document
Coach Jeff, Let's Talk Strategy
Want to become a better doubles player?Whether you have your sights on winning The Tennis Academy Club Championships or just do better in your round robin leagues at the club, it all starts with being more active at the net. It is the responsibility of the net person to make their opponents guess at where to hit the ball. You can’t do that by parking yourself in the doubles alley worried about someone passing you! Click on this video link to see some of the best doubles players in the world being active at the net and how it pays off for them. Then next week look for my video that shows how even old slow guys like me can still be intimidating at the net!
From Coach Marc
Hello everyone!
This weeks video is Mike Babcock at his McGill 2013 Honorary Doctorate speech. This video was brought to my attention during my Coach 2 course with Tennis Canada. During his speech he touches on the topic of attitude and how "we have the choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day". This is a message I send to our Juniors, as I believe their attitude is one the biggest influences on their development.
Upon self reflection, it does not matter if it is my coaching or personal life it is my goal to bring a positive attitude. 

Wishing everyone well!