Volume 2018-03 | March 29, 2018
The Guild meets every Thursday in Nantucket @ 2pm!
Join us for discussions and code review in the "Frontend Guild" HipChat room!
Task Force Update
Nisha Karambelkar and Lesley DeVeber made significant progress on the frontend generator, including:

  • Setting up CD pipelines for generated apps and libraries (and for the generator itself!)
  • Example code for starter "libraries" - modules to be shared across the CTCT codebase
  • Integration with the cd-bootstrap tool, making the generator the official successor to hello-world-static!

There are already several projects in the wild based on the the generator. Notably, abandonedcart-static is the first app - of many, we're sure - to be created with the generator through the standard CD bootstrapping process!
If you would like to participate in a future task force rotation, sign up on the wiki or email Ben Centra (after talking to your manager, of course).
generator-ctct-frontent v1.0.0 Released!
Now that the generator is integrated into the new app bootstrapping process, we're officially releasing version 1.0.0! Our work towards version 2 will bring additional enhancements and make updating existing apps to the latest build setup even easier.

Many thanks to developers Zack Low, Matthew Fasman, Lesley, and Nisha, as well as everyone who provided PR reviews and other feedback!
Meeting Minutes
Too busy to make it to a Guild meeting? We keep the minutes in a single Google Doc that you can browse at your convenience. You can find it here.
Frontend Architecture Document
Ryan Schuft is circulating a document outlining the long-term vision for frontend architecture at Constant Contact. This document will guide a fair portion of the Guild's work. This is a living document - comments and contributions are welcome!
If you want to present something to the Guild or have a topic you want to discuss, ping Ben Centra or simply add it to the agenda yourself!