Veterans create art using paper made from their old uniforms.
Image © David Keefe
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Yesterday, Frontline Arts sent out a statement by email about the tragic events taking place in Afghanistan, offering their “deepest condolences to anyone suffering” and letting them know that they are not alone. Based in Branchburg, NJ, Frontline Arts focuses on “socially engaging arts practices rooted in papermaking and printmaking.” One of their signature projects is Combat Paper, where veterans of war make handmade paper from their old uniforms. In 2015, State of the Arts produced The Fog of War, featuring both Combat Paper and Warrior Writers. The soldiers we met made an indelible impression on us, and their prints and poems, often focused on traumatic wartime experiences, speak volumes. Unfortunately, as recent events continue to prove, projects like Frontline Arts are going to be needed for a long time to come. 

Frontline Arts included an extensive list of resources for veterans and ways to help in Afghanistan in their email yesterday. You can read it here.
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