Acupuncturists Without Borders is answering the call to an unprecedented, historic challenge
We are in the midst of an historic disaster. Right now, we can’t safely practice community acupuncture, but we can offer other physical and emotional support tools to our patients, families, and communities. In the not-so-distant future there will be an overwhelming, global need to provide compassionate care for traumatized communities with in-person community acupuncture. 

AWB is acting NOW to support our communities, using safe trauma-reduction tools, and will be ready to respond in the future when it is safe to offer in-person treatments.

Treating critical levels of stress and trauma among frontline health workers and first responders is AWB's highest current priority.

Read about why this is so important in this New York Times article:

Here’s what AWB is doing NOW to support first responders and health workers:
Caring for Caregivers webinars for frontline health workers and first responders
Easy-to-access, short online instruction on topics like acupressure for stress reduction and immune enhancement; how to apply ear-seeds to fellow caregivers for stress reduction; tapping techniques to help with anxiety, fear, and stress; simple Qi Gong for stress reduction and immune system protection; simple five-minute meditations for self-regulation.
Individual on-line consultations for health workers and first responders
Consultations with AWB-trained acupuncturists to provide herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutritional, and meditation tools that reduce stress and cultivate strong immunity.
Weekly AWB e-newsletter, offering tools and resources for providers, patients, families and communities.

The traumatic impact of this pandemic on communities throughout the US and overseas will be long lasting. The urgency to train rapid response teams of acupuncture practitioners, who have the knowledge and skills to provide on-the-ground, in-person service, begins now . Training practitioners is the key to being ready:
Online Training for Acupuncturists
AWB’s Healing Community Trauma in Times of Crisis training course , available online on April 15 , prepares acupuncturists to deliver trauma-healing treatments in their communities. We hope to train 500 volunteer practitioners in the next three months via this new online training course.

Here’s the bottom line: 
AWB urgently needs the financial support of our cherished family of donors, members, field volunteers, and corporate sponsors to survive as a non-profit organization, support frontline health workers, and train acupuncturists to offer critically needed trauma care.  We need your support today
What you can do NOW :
Take care of yourself and those around you with all of the resources you have at your disposal, and in accordance with medical guidance from all levels of government.

Visit the AWB website frequently, review AWB e-newsletters to learn about online trainings and informational webinars, and let us know what you need to better support yourself and your community.

Please Donate to AWB! Our mission of bringing trauma-healing service to communities in need is totally dependent on the generous support of our members, donors, corporate partners, and public funding.
We are ready to serve. Will you join us? 

With deep appreciation,

The Staff and Board of AWB
In 2020, charitable donations are considered "above the line" contributions (deductible from your gross income), due to the Covid 19 stimulus package recently passed by Congress.

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