July 2017
"A Red Carpet Affair" - Employee Recognition Ceremony 

DOC employees shared a festive evening of reflection and fellowship at A Red Carpet Affair “- Employee Recognition Ceremony. The event which was held on May 10 at the CTF Gymnasium was emceed by Lt. John Armstrong and featured the Presentation of Colors by DOC’s Honor Guard, musical selections and poetry. Diane Groomes, Ret. Assistant Police Chief served as the guest speaker who expressed her gratitude and admiration for our department.  

“D.C. DOC is a role model for corrections agencies across the nation, doing the work that so many often overlook,” Chief Groomes said.

Director Quincy L. Booth pinned staff with 0 to 40+ years of service in the correctional field and he shared his appreciation for the dedicated service and talents of the DOC family. Special awards were presented to the following:  

Employees with the longest tenure:

Regina Gilmore (47 Years - Retired)

Rev. Betty Green (43 Years)

Paulette Johnson (40 Years)

Employee of the Year

 Frederick Ashiamah

Who Brings the Fun

Antoine Pugh

Special Recognition

Sgt. Julian Battle

D.C. Department of Corrections Honor Guard

Congratulations to all of our honorees! 

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Vitality Expo - Mind, Health and Wealth 

DOC’s Vitality Expo, Mind, Health and Wealth was a huge success! The kick-off event was organized by DOC’s Wellness Committee as part of a citywide effort to promote healthy living and workplace wellness.  

Attendees received free health screenings, home buying and retirement resources, wellness tips, healthy snacks and giveaways. DOC’s party starters burned calories and shared laughs under the sun doing Zumba exercises and line dancing led by our very own Leslie Palmer.  


Special acknowledgements to our partners, Aetna Wellness, Vida Fitness DC, ICMA-RC, Academy Mortgage, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Khepra Raw Food Juice Bar for their participation in the event. Extra special thanks to Sgt. Nathaniel Robinson, DOC's renowned DJ, for the awesome music.

Stay tuned for more exciting fitness challenges and programs! 

National Correctional Officers and Employees Week 

On a rainy Saturday morning DC DOC’s Honor Guard joined correctional agencies from across the United States to honor fallen officers and employees. The annual commemorative event marked the beginning of National Correctional Officers and  Employees Week. Fallen DOC employees names were called, including former Deputy Director, Carolyn Cross.

DOC salutes the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office, winners of the 2017 Honor Guard Competition!

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A Celebration of Service 

Volunteerism plays an integral role in the daily operations of the Central Detention Center (CDF) and Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) but most importantly the lives of those in our care.

This spring, DOC hosted its Annual Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony to honor and recognize individuals and organizations that provide a range of programs and counseling services to our agency.

Cedric Hendricks, Associate Director at CSOSA, was the guest speaker at the well attended ceremony, which was held at the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center - St. Elizabeths East. The program also featured an audio presentation of inmate’s personal reflections.

"The RSAT program is very helpful to me. It not only helps me learn about the problems I have with drugs but it provides me with the tools I'll need when I go on the outside. It helps me to remember that I'll need to stay away from people, places and things. I like this program very much, it's a very positive program, "  Unique Jenkins said. 

Congratulations to Roger A. Mitchell, Jr. MD and Esther Ford the recipients of the George Strawn Volunteer Award. DOC’s volunteer services program was established by George Strawn, a former employee known for his ability to connect with people and form relationships with community members and government officials.

DOC Pinning and Oath Ceremony

For the first time in 20 years the D.C. Department of Corrections resumes oversight of the Central Detention Facility (DC Jail) and Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) which was managed by managed by CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America or CCA). A special Pinning and Oath Ceremony was held to commemorate this historic transition.

Director Quincy L. Booth offered special acknowledgments to CoreCivic for their role in managing the CTF as well as their assistance and guidance with transition. He reminded guests that we are “One DOC,” that will continue to provide great levels of care and service to  inmates, and that the daily operations and programming will continue as normal.

Guest of honor Mayor Muriel Bowser reaffirmed her commitment to helping inmates and returning citizens succeed by providing more rehabilitative programs and resources to them.

"We will continue serving and taking care of people in need," Mayor Bowser said. 

The oath of office and pinning of badges was administered by Warden Lennard Johnson and 32 officers were sworn in as DOC employees.  


A Winning Streak! 
The D.C. Department of Corrections showed its team spirit by giving to the utmost. With thirty-one percent participation, DOC once again rose to the top raising a total of $117,137 in 2016. 

The One Fund Campaign began last October and ended shortly before the Christmas holiday. Our staff banded together and made conscious efforts to secure first place for the fifth year in a row. Not only did the donation amounts increase, so did the participation rate. We did it!  Each year as I begin to speak with co-workers about helping the less fortunate, I remind them of a saying, “a closed hand shuts out your blessings coming in.”

The funds collected and our dedication to helping others truly makes us exemplars of caring and generosity. DOC proudly supports the DC One Fund Campaign who in turn helps people in need as well as important causes that matter most to us all.

Let’s keep the momentum going for next year!

By: Sallie Thomas 
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