July 2018
In Memory of Corporal James Ferguson
DOC mourns the loss of Corporal James Ferguson. During Cpl. Ferguson's 15 year career with DOC he provided remarkable service to the people we serve as well as his colleagues and peers.

The positive impressions he made on the lives of others will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers remain with his family during this time.
College Recruitment Fair
DOC's Office of College and Career Readiness organized a successful Recruitment Fair for Fall 2018. Representatives from Ashland University, Georgetown University and Howard University spoke about opportunities they offer to help residents further their educational and career goals while they are in our care. Residents can earn college credits and other certifications by taking the upcoming courses which will better position them for re-entry into the community and workforce.

"This is a brilliant program which helps us focus on what it is that we want to do," Resident Davis said.

"It helps us while we are in a focused state of mind because we can't go out the same way we came in," Resident Davis added.
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Policies & Procedures
Policy binders with the agency’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were placed in the Officers' Dining Rooms (ODR) at the Central Detention Facility, Correctional Treatment Facility, Central Cell Block and the Training Academy.

Once existing and new policies are approved by the Director, the OPP will update the binders monthly. All binders must remain in their respective places.

There are no updates at this time.

Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, the "Keep America Active" Fitness Challenge runs Monday, June 25 through Sunday, August 19. The "Keep America Active" Challenge is a District agency-wide, eight-week online wellness competition that aims to encourage healthy behaviors and increase fitness among employees by virtually traveling across the country. Participants will travel from state to state each day without boarding a plane, hopping on a bus, or gassing up the car with this program.

Participants can earn points and stars as they record exercise minutes or steps and two additional, optional health behaviors of their choice. Employees can join a team of up to four colleagues or participate as individuals. At the end of the program, teams and individuals with the highest scores will be awarded with special incentives.

  • 1st Place Team & Individual: Fitbits
  • 2nd Place Team & Individual: Gym bag and Bluetooth speaker
  • 3rd Place Team & Individual: Insulated lunch bag and food scale
  • Top Performing Team: Fruit delivery

(Information provided by DCHR)

The Employee Recognition Committee is currently planning upcoming Fish Fry events for the summer! Stay tuned...