The College and Career Readiness Division in conjunction with American University’s Inside-Out: Criminal Procedure Program hosted the Connections to Criminal Procedure Community Dialogue for inmates, students and guest speakers at the Central Detention Facility (CDF).

Program participants discussed pertinent issues that included, how the rules of criminal procedure can impact one's constitutional rights, the roles of police officers and correctional officers, the arrests and sentencing of juveniles, and community corrections, including parole and probation.

Special acknowledgements to Officer M. Boyd (DOC), the Honorable Carlos Acosta (Montgomery County Circuit Court – MD/Former Special Attorney- US Department of Justice), Robin Bell (Founder/Executive Director of R4), Dr. Ta’Lisa Carter (American University), Duane Tobias (Legal Consultant/Former Prosecutor for Dallas/Fort Worth DA), Major Shon Barnes (Salisbury Police Department – NC), Sergeant Kimberly Glanville (Baltimore Police Department – MD), and Kathy White (Executive Director/Gateway Freedom Center – NC) for sharing their expertise during the program.