Three volumes of Rebecca Ondov's Christian Horse Stories
Rebecca Ondov's books have been huge hits with HoofPrints' customers. Great Horse Stories, Heavenly Horse Stories and Horse Tales From Heaven are fascinating - who knew one person's life as a wilderness pack horse guide could hold so much adventure? And some of it not so safe... Fortunately, she's got her faith to guide her - and luckily for us, she's chronicled her stories in these books so we can learn and be inspired, too.
We offer these as a set so you can read them all and SAVE - Order the set and these books are under $12. each!
We have some sample chapters to download, and you can order the books here.

Gina's note: Rebecca's books are divided into chapters (Horse Tales is 54, Horse Sense is 50, and Horse Stories is 48), each is a short (adventure) story with a Biblical lesson tied in. Some are humorous, others serious; you can pick this up and start reading from anywhere, and enjoy what you read. Here's one of my favorite stories from Horse Tales from Heaven:
Excerpt from Chapter 28 "Frozen Long Johns"

"Snow squeaked with each footstep. From the way it sounded, the temperature had dropped below zero already. Untying my tent door flap, I remembered my long johns. I walked behind the tent. The glow of the lantern illuminated a sheet of ice on the clothesline. My jaw dropped. They were frozen - spread eagle. I tried pinching the clothespins open, but they were frozen solid. If I had a decent tent I would be out here freezing, trying to get this off that line, I murmured. I tried using both hands to pinch the clothespins open, but it was like they were super-glued. Setting the lantern in the snow, I grabbed the long johns by the ankles and jerked. Whop! They came loose from the clothesline and fell like a chunk of lead into the snow.

Steam rose from my breath as I picked up the lantern with my left hand. Reaching down with my right, I picked up the board-like long johns. Carrying them by the top, I walked to the tent and pushed that itty-bitty tent flap open a crack. Waves of heat rolled off the lantern. Holding it so that it wouldn't burn a hole in the tent, I held the long johns in my right hand and tried to manipulate them through the door... but the outstretched legs were wider than the tent flap. I tried using my knee to poke the legs through that small hole. I got one leg in. The other leg caught on the tent frame. This is ridiculous!

I backed out of the tent and turned the long johns sideways, carrying them like a suitcase. This time one leg hung up on my duffel bag and I tripped. I hope nobody's watching me dance with frozen underwear! Suddenly I broke out laughing. I'm dancing with long johns because they are stiff. They're not flexible at all. Not flexible... Something reverberated in my mind. Hmmm... the long johns were exactly like my frozen attitude about this tent. My attitude was making my life miserable, not Jack for choosing this tent."
An Extra Flake - Snack for the Spirit - the story behind the title
When our horses are restless, cooped up because of weather or pawing in the trailer, we feed them a flake of hay. More than a diversion, chewing hay settles their nerves and gives them a sense of security. This sweet book will give you something to chew on, so to speak, when you need a little pick-me-up. Light hearted, short stories remind us of days in the barn; the truth of those experiences resonates with eternal truth - that we matter and our lives have purpose.
I found this book quite by accident, or rather, it found me. Last summer when I was in the throes of catalog layout, freaking out because I was past deadline, I put out an appeal to my Facebook friends for some extra eyes to proofread my effort so I didn't do things like, oh, leave off a price, or spell something wrong...

Several kind souls offered, one of which was Maureen Gallatin. Which was a jackpot for me as she previously was in charge of doing the catalogs for a horse book publisher!

Maureen mentioned that she'd just finished up this book; it's a compilation of posts from her blog by the same name, combined with beautiful color photos. This one is also short chapters, so easy to pick up and enjoy in small bites. I mean flakes.
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