Here it is, our annual Frozen Sale !
Quantities are limited, so make sure to get into the store before they are all sold out!
(Valid: January 10 - February 1, 2020)
Frozen Boneless Rib Eye Steaks or Roast
Was: $16.99/lb
NOW: $11.99/lb
Frozen Bone-In Prime Rib Steak or Roast
Was: $15.99/lb
NOW: $10.79/lb
Frozen Rump Roast
Was: $10.99/lb
NOW: $8.99/lb
Frozen Tenderloin Tails
Was: $14.99/lb
NOW: $11.99/lb
We also have “tenderloin grab bags” which is a whole tenderloin cut into steaks and sold by the whole loin.
Was: $26.79/lb
NOW: $18.99/lb
Valid: January 10 - February 1, 2020
Please call the store and talk to Mike or Jenn to place your orders, since we cannot take orders via online, email, or voicemail at this time.
Thank you!