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Top-performing AR Blackberry Receives Award
The Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award recognizes noteworthy achievements in fruit breeding and highlights a modern fruit introduction that has a significant impact on the industry.

On July 24th the UA System Division of Agriculture received the Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award for the 2003 thornless variety of blackberry!

But which one took the crown?
Fruit Breeder Named one of "40 Under 40"
The Fruit and Vegetable 40 Under 40 represents the best of the best in the industry. One of our very own has been given this honor for taking the horticulture department to the next level!
It's Time to Elevate Arkansas Wine
A network of AR research scientists, horticulture experts, and others has laid the groundwork for a wine quality program. The program will set quality standards, provide professional development for growers and winemakers, and entice consumers to savor the flavor of our state's wine.
Is your red maple on the decline?
Red maples are widely planted as a street and landscape tree. Over the last several years, arborists have noted an increase in the decline, mortality, and removal of urban street trees.

Trees planted in urban areas, especially those lining streets or in medians, are simply not afforded the space their roots will need to grow as the tree matures.
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June through August is peak time for this invasive insect pest. Learn how to identify and treat before they take over your plants!
Gardening is in full swing. Get our tips for gardening, home fruit production, lawn care, pest control, and more.
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