As the summer temps heat up, many of us reach for chilled fruit to help us cool down. Read the article below for yet another reason to keep eating fruit, and lots of it.
Fruit: better as you age?, December 2017

You already know that fruits and vegetables are good for your body. You may have read that loading up on produce today can boost your mood tomorrow. But new research indicates that if you're over 30, fruit may be better for you than ever!

According to a study recently published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience, fruit has an even bigger impact on mood as we get older than it did in our younger years.  The study enrolled both young adults (aged 18 to 29) and mature ones (aged 30 and over). Participants filled out questionnaires about their food intake, exercise habits, and mood. Researchers then analyzed the relationship between what the participants ate, how much they moved, and how they felt.
[NOT] a fishy story

Have you ever taken a fish oil supplement and then you experience those awful "fish burps?" Many people get these and they're never happy about it.

We can help! Take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn about the plant-based Juice Plus+ Omega Blend. This product took ten years to bring to market and is made exclusively of plants, using a cold pressed encapsulation process. Dr. Mitra Ray has thoroughly researched omegas  and as a result this  video is extremely informative. The video also  answers several questions our customers have asked about our Omega blend.

Heads up: if you're not interested in the "geeky" science, just watch the first ten minutes.
Tower Gardens - not just for gardening

From grammar schools to universities, Tower Gardens are inspiring students to learn about aeroponic gardening. Growing Tower Gardens also encourages students to make healthy food choices. In addition, all of this learning crosses over to other subjects such as math and science. 

The WISER (Wagner Institute for Sustainability and Ecological Research) Center at SUNY Potsdam uses their Tower Garden space to get healthier in one more way - it doubles as a yoga studio!

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