Fruita for Equality is a collaboration to support equality, inclusivity, and diversity through meaningful conversations and action in the community.
March 2021
Book selected for upcoming Community Read
Rising Out of Hatred by Eli Saslow

Fruita for Equality has selected a title for the upcoming Community Read in May. 

Rising Out of Hatred by Eli Saslow tells the intensely personal saga of one man who eventually disavowed everything he believed, at tremendous personal cost, and how white-nationalist ideas migrated from the fringes of American culture to its forefront. With great empathy and narrative verve, Saslow asks what Derek Black's story can tell us about America's increasingly divided nature.

The month-long Community Read is scheduled to begin Monday, May 3, and will include a community discussion about the book and several other events centered around the book’s themes. Details of events and dates have not been finalized but will be announced through Mesa County Libraries at
Copies of the book will be available for checkout from Mesa County Libraries and for purchase through local bookstores.

Fruita for Equality is an initiative to promote and support equality, inclusivity, and diversity through meaningful conversations and action in the community. Collaborators in Fruita for Equality include Mesa County Libraries, Fruita Rotary, the city of Fruita, and Lithic Bookstore and Gallery.
"How to Be an Ally" online panel discussion set for Saturday, April 3
Advance registration is required
An online panel discussion titled “How to Be an Ally” is set for 5 p.m. Saturday, April 3, via Zoom. The panel will explore allyship, which is the process of building supporting relationships with members of marginalized communities.
The discussion will include members of Black Citizens and Friends, as well as members of the Latinx/Chicano and LGBTQ+ communities in Mesa County.
Advance registration is required for the event. To register, visit the online Event Calendar at
Questions for the panel discussion also are being accepted from the public here:
Book/media recommendations
Nonfiction Memoir - Just As I Am: A Memoir

Cicely Tyson, the Academy, Tony, and Emmy award-winning actor and trailblazer, tells her stunning story, looking back at her life and six-decade career.

Tyson has graced the stage and screen for six decades. She has been the church girl who once rarely spoke a word, the teenager who sought solace in the verses of the old hymn for which this book is named. A daughter and mother, a sister, and a friend, she is also an observer of human nature and the dreamer of audacious dreams. Here, in her ninth decade, Tyson is a woman who has something meaningful to say. (Description adapted from book jacket)
Available in the Mesa County Libraries catalog
Documentary - Corrie ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated 

When Nazi forces invaded Holland in 1940 and began rounding up Jews, Corrie ten Boom, her sister Betsie, and their elderly father risked their lives to save as many as possible.

A hidden room was secretly built in their home where the oppressed Jews took refuge until a Gestapo raid put an end to their operation. For their crimes, Corrie and Betsie were sent to the notorious concentration camp at Ravensbruck, where they suffered relentless cruelty.

Struggling to reconcile God's goodness with the terrible realities of the camp, the sisters clung desperately to their Christian faith. Betsie died in the camp, but Corrie was miraculously released due to a clerical error. She spent the rest of her days caring for other death camp survivors and sharing her story with the world. Corrie's 1971 best-selling book, The Hiding Place, provides her account of persevering faith and forgiveness in the face of terrible evil.
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