Growing Your Business: The Mysterious Science of Building Credibility
Are you experiencing a struggle in your business? Are these issues currently impacting your ability to grow?
- Value : You are a valuable professional service provider. Feedback clearly indicates that you solve problems and enable opportunities for your clients. Your fees are competitive and fair.

- Reality : Based on the value you provide, theoretically you should have more clients and generate more fees. You are not satisfied with the level of business you have achieved.

- Failed Solution Attempts : The pieces appear to be in place. Your website is supported by an active social media strategy. You have invested in sales training, frequent networking, religiously following-up, and building relationships. You make referrals. You have read the popular books and regularly attend self-help sessions. Everything is in place to expect results.

- Unfortunate Recurring Situations : When in front of decision makers, you feel pressured to sell and explain why you are better than others. It’s time to stop selling, and start collaborating, but the prospective client is hesitant to hire you. Are you part of a line up, or a contestant in a pageant? Are you being perceived as a commodity?

- Quandary : Why don’t decision makers recognize the value that you offer? How does one stop being a part of misleading competitors line-ups, giving free consulting, and/or responding to RFP processes designed to drive down fees?

- The Credibility Barrier : All humans have filters to choose, and they get applied when deciding on professional service providers. These filters of assessment create the credibility barrier, and breaking through it may be the missing piece to building your practice.
The event is designed specifically for professional service providers. It identifies the underlying sources that create the credibility barrier and explain why traditional marketing and growth methods are often counter-productive. We will present strategies that will enable you to break-through the credibility barrier and unleash business growth. 

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

9:30am - 12:00pm
Registration Fee: $25
Questions? Call Matt at 847-607-6592
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