August 17, 2018
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Since the eruption:
We asked, you responded quickly and generously to the news of the eruption of Volcano Fuego. Guatemala government reports the  death toll  stands at 113 people, with 200 still missing. Local residents put the number over 1,000 dead or missing! This was Guatemala’s most severe eruption in 45 years.
  • Fuego’s eruption on June 3 affected 1.7 million people in central Guatemala.
  • Flows of mud and ash covered roads and crops and destroyed bridges.
  • Volcanic ash spread over 12 miles
  • About 3,100 people were evacuated.
Surviving can be hard
How do you lose everything when you already have nothing?

There was a reason Brijida (right) and family lived on the slopes of Fuego. The ever-present danger of one of the world’s most active volcanoes; smoke, ash, earthquakes and perpetual rumblings from the bowels of the earth meant land was cheap and few others wanted to live there. Sometimes, cheap can be very expensive!

Fuego reclaimed those slopes on June 3 and Brijida lost every thing of material value…and three days later, her husband, the first person rescued by first-responders.
She didn’t have much, most would say she had nothing. But she had her world, her family, her dreams and it was enough.

Surviving can be hard when the world you know vanishes in an instant. Surviving can be made easier when Christians decide to speak Jesus . No, I don’t mean talking, I mean living out the calling of Jesus; serving and counting others as more than yourself. I mean sacrificial giving and sacrificial living.
Brijida now has a simple dwelling to call home, well maybe not a home yet, but it is a small house. She’s been given a Bible, a Tiva water filter, food supplies and a lot of loving.

How do you survive, how do you gain everything when you’ve lost everything? Faith, Hope and Love…are not things!
Brijida - surviving after losing everything, even her husband who was one of the first rescued but succumbed to the pyroclastic gas.
Anesthesiologists Needed!
October 6-13
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October 6-13: nurses and surg techs
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