Fit Friday Issue #18
Fuel Smarter with Balanced Meals
Food is central to our lives. It is nourishing, comforting, and an anchor of community. It is the fuel that helps sustain our busy schedules. At the end of the day we need food to survive and thrive. But are we getting the most out of our meals? Check out the diagram and tips below on the key "macros" to include in every meal.
Macronutrients are elements that make up all food and are necessary for health and survival. To create balance and proper fueling you should aim to incorporate a carb, fat, and a protein at every meal. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar and give the body energy, while protein helps with repair, and fats help the body absorb micronutrients and vitamins.
Here are some examples of each "macro" that can be used to create a blood sugar balancing meal:
Carbs : Think fiber here! Focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Starchier veggies are complex carbs that digest slower, giving you more sustained energy. Refined carbs, such as pasta and sweets burn fast and will leave you feeling groggy quickly.
Protein : Getting a protein source at every meal can keep you feeling fuller longer. Lean meats, greek yogurt, eggs, nuts, seeds, peas, and spirulina are all protein sources that can be added to any meal.
Fats : Fats have gotten a bad rep over the years, but they are vital to your health because they allow you to absorb vitamins and play a large part in satiety & gut health. Getting a wide range of fats in your diet will keep you full and keep your skin glowing! Unsaturated fats are your nuts and seeds, while saturated fats will come from animal products such as meat, cheese, and dairy (and coconut oil!).

Check out some great balanced meal recipes below!
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