October 2019
Hurricane Dorian killed unreported numbers
of Haitians living in the Bahamas;
this is an episode we filmed
when we ministered in Nassau.
For two weeks, hired terrorists have blocked life throughout Haiti as Opposition oligarchs pay for a façade of popular protest to convince the International Community that fuel shortages and inflation are President Jovenel’s fault; when, it is the Economic & Political Sectors who orchestrated fuel shortages & riots! Black Market fuel is selling for as high as $15.00US/gallon .

Haitian Foreign Minister Bocchit Edmond just returned from DC where he briefed the UN on oligarchs' coup attempts of thrice elected President Jovenel. President Jovenel denies monopolies and refuses their kickbacks which enrages them.
I n prayer, we find assurance that Jovenel will serve his full five year mandate and God’s purposes for Haiti will not be thwarted.

Meanwhile we need your prayers and financial support to continue to producing our soul winning Creole Christian TV show that encourages 3 million Haitians every day from Montreal to Martinique and throughout Haiti!
A few weeks ago, Yvonne and I watched in horror as Hurricane Dorian gained speed to become the second worst in recorded history slamming into Haitian settlements in the Bahamas. We experienced Hurricane Alan in Haiti 1980, the worst recorded Cat 5; and we had visited Haitian homes and churches in the Bahamas in 2005, so we knew the potential disaster.

In 2005 while ministering in the Bahamas, Haitians told of racism that forced them to change their names from French to English or they’d not find work or schools for their children; many Haitians are undocumented and comprise 20% of Bahamian population or 90,000 estimated Haitians .

As Dorian made landfall with 185 mph sustained winds and 220 mph gusts, Yvonne interceded; she said she heard Haitians screaming beneath the howling storm and rising sea that swept untold numbers to their deaths. We shared her burden with our morning LIVE Facebook devotion and we asked viewers to give for the Bahamas.

You gave and we gave to make a total of $1500.00 which was delivered to our fellow missionary Robin Weatherford, a native Bahamian, who has faithfully preached repentance and redemption to Haitians for 38 years; his family bravely weathered 36 hours of Dorian.

Today we know their needs are greater than this small gift ; you may give at our secure website Haiti For Christ o r send a check to 1012 Rockhaven Ct., Chester, VA 23836, mark your gift: Bahamas; we will send every penny to them. Thank you very much