Executive Director's Message
"I am convinced that courage is the most important of all the virtues. Because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently." Maya Angelou

This month, as I reflect on our activities, I am reminded of these words of Maya Angelou. Indeed, courage is the first step before a giant leap; it is the corner before turning onto a newer and more powerful self.

We closed our fall granting deadline on October 17. As our staff and an incredible team of reviewers are currently reading through stories of first steps, resiliency, and big dreams, I am reminded that it takes courage to dream and say yes to ourselves, to move confidently towards our big wild goals. It takes courage to sit and write an application, not entirely sure who will read it and whether they would share the promise of your vision as clearly as you do. Bravo to our 2021 fall grant applicants!

It is a busy world we live in; we all have multiple demands and competing priorities. It takes courage to give time outside of our daily lives to refer girls, read through applications, and serve as ambassadors. It takes courage to impact a girl's sense of self-efficacy and success. Thank you to our mentors and advocates, ambassadors, and volunteers, for your passion and commitment.

It takes courage to depart Delaware at 6am on March 3 to walk eight months, 3600 miles across America (full story below). I hope this story inspires you to take bold, courageous steps in all ways, big and small. We at ABF applaud you, Erin, and Chris, for inspiring us to live more daringly.  

We have much to write about the courage our founder, Ann Bancroft, consistently demonstrates. It is why we proudly and loudly celebrate her induction into the Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Ann!!

To our supporters, thank you for fueling courage, especially as we look towards the end of the year and what is to come in 2022. We cannot do this work without your generous support, both financially and all the other ways you invest in our mission and trust us to execute on it. This November 18 is Give to the Max Day. We hope you will continue to support our work and help us spark more courageous dreams and actions of Minnesota girls!

Ethelind B. Kaba
Minnesota Crossers
Raises $16K for Girls' Dreams
After eight months, 3,600 miles, one broken foot, and many, many Trail Angels offering shelter, showers, meals, and beer, the Minnesota Crossers – Erin Dietrich and Chris Rea – have completed their walk across the United States. They were joined for stretches along the by Erin’s mom and brother, Linnea and Grant Dietrich.

This walk was Erin’s dream for the past 15 years and she wanted the realization of her dream to fuel the dreams of even more girls. While making their way across America, the Crossers raised $16,143 for ABF and Minnesota girls!

We are so grateful and honored to partner with the Crossers on this incredible journey. They are certainly imagining something bigger! All the details, a map of their route, and a special cheering section can be found at https://www.annbancroftfoundation.org/support/walk.
Give for Girls on Give to the Max Day
November 18
We’re excited to share some new video and stories with you on our page for Give to the Max Day in 2021, the Minnesota giving day to support charities and nonprofits that are giving back to our communities every day. It’s a big pot-luck sharing party where we make sure we bring ourselves and make sure that everyone has a seat at the table.

Give to the Max Day is an important part of our annual fundraising program to support our mission of empowering girls to dream bigger. With more than 100 girls applying to have us fuel their dreams in our Fall grant season, we’re inspired to dream bigger too. Help us set a record November 18 with a gift anytime during GTMD!

Fun facts:
Did you know last year’s Give to the Max Day (GTMD) set a record of generosity with Minnesotans topping $30 million in gifts to charities in the height of the pandemic.

Pro-Tip: Super-busy during weekdays? You can give early by going to our GiveMN page at www.givemn.org/organization/Ann-Bancroft-Foundation. Be sure to watch for inspiring stories of how your gifts make a difference.
Calling All Trailblazers!
Ann Bancroft Foundation celebrates 25 years in 2022. We want to hear from the girls and young women who inspire us to give back. You are the ‘why’ of our mission to empower girls to dream bigger!
Send us a short email to [email protected] in November to share your ‘why.’ Why did you apply for a grant and what was your dream? It can be super short or tell us a little more. The second question is what are you doing now? We hope you’re still pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be. 

Got pics? Send us a photo of you in action in any place you love. We look forward to posting these stories and pictures throughout our 25th year. 

You are part of an important community – empowered girls and young women ready to take on the world, together. Never forget that we believe in you. You’ve got this.
YOU are the ones who help empower girls, give them a voice and the chance to fulfill their dreams. 

Please donate to help us each more girls with this life-changing program.
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