Dear Freedom Center Supporter,
Simply put, we need to generate additional income if we are to maintain the current level of services expected by our guests at our MI Freedom Centers. Many of you already give sacrificially of your time and financial resources to the MI Freedom Center. I am not asking for any additional sacrifice from you. I am simply asking for your voice. Please let people know about the work that we do at the MI Freedom Center.

Let them know how a little over 200 volunteers and 4 staff have served over 637,000 guests across 4 centers via 80 shifts per week and 4,160 shifts per year all committed to 1 Mission - "Serving those who serve us". Let them know that we have fulfilled this mission while providing the equivalent of a $25M hospitality services company for only $250K thanks to the sacrificial efforts of our volunteers and the generous support of in-kind donations. Our guests were so appreciative of our services that we earned "2019 People Love Us On Yelp" Award from online business review service Yelp.