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Note from the Chair of our Caucus

By Vicky Estrada-Bustillo

Having successfully completed our first election, the new leadership team is ready to continue efforts to make Fuerzas Unidas a vibrant and active organization that represents and empowers its membership. However, before we look ahead to identify how we will get there, I want to take a moment to reflect on where we are and how we got here.

The creation of the Caucus and the development of by-laws and guiding principles were first envisioned and organized by a handful of people, led by Flora Lucero and Pia Gallegos. We owe them a debt of gratitude for lighting the spark to address the lack of organization, enthusiasm, and empowerment of Hispanos within the Democratic Party. 

Secondly, Diane Torres-Velasquez, as our first interim chair, worked to formalize our by-laws, establish Fuerzas Unidas as an official Democratic Party Caucus, and develop a leadership structure, financial framework, and procedures to begin building a state-wide organization. We owe Diane our deepest thanks and appreciation for her hard work and dedication in these first fragile months while Fuerzas Unidas was being established.

Then, Fuerzas Unidas held its first elections. We had voter participation from voting members in every one of our Regions! Our Election Administrators, Flora Lucero, Pia Gallegos, and Ivan Pfeifer, helped us develop election rules. They also oversaw the electronic elections and compiled the results. 

As the new chair, I am excited to be part of a team of dedicated officers (5 state-wide officers and 9 regional representatives) and an advisory board, energized and ready to move Fuerzas Unidas forward. Progress will require ALL of us, leadership and members alike, to actively reach out to Hispanos in our communities throughout the state. We need to re-establish relationships with our communities where they have been lost and initiate dialog in communities where we have not had relationships in the past.

Let’s encourage Hispanos and non-Hispanos to join our caucus so that we can begin to organize around the issues and priorities that are most important to us. Help us connect and network with other organizations that are engaged with our Latino communities. A united strong voice from our Fuerzas Unidas Caucus is essential to gaining the influence in our state and the Democratic Party that is commensurate with our Majority-Minority status as Hispanos. 

MAY 2022 Officer Election Results

Contested Races

  • Chair Vicky Estrada-Bustillo
  • Centro Metro Representative Chris Larrañaga 

Uncontested Races

  • Metro Vice Chair Ennio Garcia-Miera
  • Rural Vice Chair Ben Salazar
  • Secretary Christina Serna
  • Treasurer Felice Garcia
  • Southern Metro Representative Melissa Ontiveros
  • Central West Rural Representative Margarita Mercure Hibbs
  • Southeast Rural Representative Alfredo Dominquez

Appointed Positions

  • Northwest Rural Representative Lloyda Martinez
  • Southeast Rural Representative Christine Trejo-Montes
  • Northeast Rural Representative Anita Gonzales

Special Thanks to those that served in the interim positions and helped with the formation of this caucus!

  • Diane Torrez-Velasquez
  • Samuel Nevarez
  • Miguel Angel Acosta



MONDAY, June 27th, 6 PM

Attention all members! Join us on Monday, June 27th, at 6 pm for our sixth monthly membership meeting. To register for this meeting, please use this link:

Bring a friend! They can become a member here:

Use our newly activated ActBlue link for dues or donations.

You may pay dues or set up a donation at:

To apply for Dues Waiver, go to under membership/dues waiver request.


Become a Member of Fuerzas Unidas

We are building a strong membership to organize and mobilize the Latino / Hispano vote; therefore, we enthusiastically encourage your membership, which can be completed at the following link:

Help us mobilize our strong communities by becoming active members of Fuerzas Unidas in your region!

Regional Happenings

Watch this space for upcoming regional events and activities.

 An Interview with Marisol Enriquez

By Chris Larrañaga

Q1: What do you feel should be priorities for political leadership?

Marisol: Right now, it seems like there are so many political priorities, all vying for the most attention because we are in such a time of transition and upset in our world. Knowing that our country has a racist foundation of monetizing the color of people’s skin, it makes the most sense to me to prioritize the correcting of our foundation: attack and correct racist policy. Because, just as racist systems and policies were easily and quickly built upon and stacked upon and leaned against the racist foundation, so can the equitable corrections break them down. Simultaneously, we must act quickly and drastically to achieve environmental protections in policy, otherwise, we will not have a Mother Earth to inhabit and protect.

Q2: What do you want to see accomplished in NM within 3-5 years?

Marisol: One hope I have for New Mexico for the next 3-5 years, is that we succeed in creating a political leadership that reflects our actual population. Another I have is that we pass free education for all school levels, beginning with Pre-K, which is on the horizon!, and that we really make free childcare work for all families in Nuevo Mexico.

Marisol Enriquez currently resides in Albuquerque, NM, and serves as 2nd Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County. Marisol also serves as an organizer and leader for the DPBC Book Club and is now the leader of the Grassroots Activist Support Committee (GASC). Some of her direct political experience includes phone banking since 2019 for Democratic candidates in city council races in my district and outside of NM, for the Georgia state runoff elections in 2020. Aside from my involvement with the DPBC, Marisol is a Yogi. Marisol has practiced yoga asana (poses) since 2009, and has trained in Yoga philosophy for the last two years

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