Daily Volume 2 (279) | December 2, 2020
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Quote of the Day

"...Maybe they’re not really serious, promised their spouse they’d ‘put it up for sale’ but sorry honey, no one wants to buy it..."

(Website follower AnalogMan commenting on this 1978 Pontiac Bonneville Landau the seller just raised the price on.)
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Today's Reserved Parking Feature Ride
Space 29:
2005 Mercedes-Benz
E500 Estate - Make An Offer!

You want to stand out from the sea of look-alike SUVs crowding the highways these days, yet you need superior all-wheel-drive traction and cargo capacity. While you like the idea of owning a V8-powered SUV, you really prefer driving a sedan. 

What you really want is a vehicle no longer available brand new in North America: a good-looking, V8-powered station wagon.

Check out all of the pictures and pre-purchased inspection of this well-maintained M-B long roof!
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Our daily "Classifinds" features provide detailed pricing estimates, a brief background, and when possible, videos of the cars. We also list our observations based on pictures provided by the private sellers.
Cheap B5 5-Speed! 1998 Audi A4 2.8 Wagon – $1,400

RAD Era Editor Jeff Lavery reminds us how Audi has faced some dark days in America, from the faux-scandal regarding unintended acceleration to general concerns over long-term reliability. Looking past these black eyes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company...
Final Year Longroof: 1996 Toyota Camry Wagon – $3,500

RAD Era Editor Jeff Lavery laments how once upon a time the third generation Toyota Camry was seemingly everywhere. While the sedan was an incredibly popular model, 1996 marked the final year for Toyota to market the wagon version in the U.S.
We can't write in detail about every cool classic we find, so "Classifind Cuts" provide you with just-listed Craigslist leads.
1968 Plymouth Fury
Sport Suburban – $3,950

Some of you may look at the feature picture and ask, “To hell with that gold monster, tell me more about that Ferrari parked next to it.” Sorry, no. For those of you more interested in the long roof, it’s a ’68 Plymouth Sport Suburban (the station wagon equivalent of a Fury III sedan) just...
1970 Chevrolet Impala Kingswood Three Row -$15,000

Nomad, Yeoman, Townsman, and Kingswood. Those are just a few of the brand names Chevrolet retired and subsequently dusted off years later to brand a new model. The Kingswood name returned for the 1969 model year, based on the Impala, and was available only...
Here is an update on recent Wagon Wednesday Features
1964 Oldsmobile F-85
Custom Wagon – NOW $15,000

Just one week after first listing their F85 Street Machine, the private seller elected to decrease the asking price by $1,000 to $15,000.
1998 Subaru Outback Limited
5-Speed – NOW $5,995

This is the first time the private seller has offered this clean-looking example for less than six thousand and we think that will help sell it.