This newly-released report from 
National Geographic is nothing 
short of devastating, demonstrating 
how the ongoing Fukushima 
catastrophe is affecting that the 
food chain of the entire Pacific Basin, 
including the waters off the coast of 

This information is taken from both 
National Geographic and the National 
Academy of Sciences and it shares 
that, as of July 1st of 2012, 98% of 
the studied sea floor 145 miles off the 
coast of California was covered with 
dead and decomposing sea creatures. 
For those who think that 98% may be 
a normal study number, only a few 
months earlier, in March the same 
study found less than 1% of the sea 
floor covered with 'detritus'.

Several up-to-date video reports 
depict that squid are now washing 
ashore on Santa Cruz beaches and 
that a mysterious illness is causing 
starfish of the Pacific Northwest to 
simply fall apart. 
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