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Time Is Flying: 4 Weeks!

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There are now just four weeks until Georgetown's internal Fulbright application deadline: September 1, 2023 at 12 PM (noon) ET!

Do not wait! If your application draft is final, submit it to us, via the Fulbright application portal, any time in August. (Your application draft will not go to Fulbright at this point when you submit it in the portal.)

If you are applying and have not done so already, please complete this very brief Intent to Apply Form. In addition, in order to match you with a mentor, it is necessary for you to complete and submit the center's Waiver and Agreement Form.

Also remember the various resources we have highlighted in previous editions of this e-newsletter:

Advising Corner

More About Preparing for Meeting With Mentor

Once you submit your completed application draft in the Fulbright portal by Georgetown’s internal deadline of September 1, 2023 at 12 PM (noon) ET, you will then soon be introduced to a campus mentor via email.

The Center for Research & Fellowships will provide your mentor with a copy of your application materials. It is your responsibility to:

  • Reach out to your mentor promptly to set up a time to meet - either in person or virtually.
  • Provide your mentor with the direct link to the country landing page for the specific Fulbright award you’re applying for - click here for an example.
  • Share a web link to any other helpful content, such as information about your proposed graduate program or affiliation site.
  • Check your email regularly during this time to ensure you are receiving messages from your mentor and responding promptly.
  • Alert the Center for Research & Fellowships if you have not heard from your mentor once you have tried to set up an appointment.

Prepare for Meeting

Before you meet with your mentor, prepare by going over your essays and short answers again to be sure you can discuss your content choices. 

In addition to providing feedback about your application, as we covered in a previous Fulbright Friday edition, campus mentors complete the Campus Committee Evaluation Form that Georgetown submits to Fulbright as a part of the application process.

To understand the topics mentors will be asked to address about you, please review and think through them before your meeting:

Prompt 1:

English Teaching Assistant: Describe the applicant’s motivation for applying for an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Fellowship and how their qualifications and experience will contribute to the ETA role in their selected country and placement type (i.e., see Country Summary for Placement Type information). (800 characters including spaces)

Study/Research: In what ways will the applicant’s qualifications and experiences contribute to their success in carrying out or conducting the proposed project? Provide specific examples, if appropriate. (800 characters including spaces)

Prompt 2:

In what ways will the characteristics and personal attributes of the applicant enable them to be a positive representative of the United States and the Fulbright Program in their host community? Provide specific examples, if appropriate. (800 characters including spaces)

Prompt 3:

Describe the applicant’s knowledge of the host country and ways the applicant has learned or is learning about the host country or region’s culture, society, current events, and/or history. Provide specific examples, if appropriate. (800 characters including spaces)

Prompt 4:

Provide general comments regarding the applicant’s suitability for the proposed grant (additional comments regarding academic and/or personal experience, maturity, adaptability, and flexibility welcome): (800 characters including spaces)

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If you have not done so, be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor for application and essay feedback before the September 1 internal deadline.

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It's a Fulbright Friday!

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