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Georgetown Fulbrighter Spotlight

Julia Liebell-McLean (SFS'22)

ETA - Senegal

Fulbright Julia Leibell-McLean in a classroom posing with university students

From Julia Liebell-McLean (SFS'22) - "I teach English to mostly university students and professionals who volunteer to take the classes, meaning they are highly motivated and excellent students! Working with my co-teacher and fellow ETA Greg, we try to build English lessons around cultural exchange topics."

Application Suggestion: "Especially for ETAs, it's easy to focus a lot on the teaching aspect of the application and ignore the cultural exchange component. When you're writing your application, don't forget to spend a good chunk of time thinking about how you have demonstrated cultural exchange skills and how you might engage with the community."

(Liebell-McLean is pictured at center in the front row.)

Advising Corner


We have received some questions in advising about the three short answer prompts in the Fulbright application. 

As you begin or continue your application, think about these questions as another opportunity to make your candidacy stand out. Additionally, these answers are very helpful for reviewers as they provide a synopsis of the most important elements of your application, why you want to live in a specific location as a Fulbrighter, and how your time as a Fulbrighter connects with your goals.


Abstract/Summary of Proposal 

1,750 characters

Study/Research: Prepare an executive summary detailing the what, where, and why of your proposed project․ If you are proposing the pursuit of a graduate degree program, summarize the program and relevance to your career/education plans․

ETA: Why do you wish to be a Fulbright grantee and undertake an English Teaching Assistant opportunity? Why are you applying to this specific country?

Writing Tip: The abstract should neither contain new information that is not in your Statement of Grant Purpose, not should it simply be a cut-and-paste from that statement. Instead, it should be a thoughtfully written summary-synthesis of the key aspects of the statement. 


Host Country Engagement

1,750 characters

A key purpose of the Fulbright program is to be a cultural ambassador while living abroad. How will you engage outside of the workplace to fulfill this mission? In what ways do you plan to share your culture and values in your host community? Provide specific ideas. 

Writing Tip: In question two, you have the opportunity to amplify a point you may have only been able to introduce briefly in one of your longer essays. Provide specific examples of your community engagement ideas in the country and avoid vague statements that might come across to application readers as platitudes.


Plans Upon Return to the U.S.

850 characters

Describe your career and/or educational plans after completing a Fulbright grant.

Writing Tip: For question three, think through how the Fulbright grant you are proposing connects with your previous experiences and your future. Of course, your future plans may change over time. However, this question allows you to explore why – in your current thinking – this particular Fulbright award in this particular location will help prepare you for your educational and/or professional goals, as well as your longer term interests.

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Fulbright Friday Archive

This spring and summer, the Center for Research & Fellowships has shared helpful advice about preparing the various components of your Fulbright application. To review previous editions of Fulbright Friday, visit our website. Recent topics include:



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