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Georgetown Fulbrighter Spotlight

Diana Carolina Sosa (SFS'19)

Community-Based Combined Award - Austria

Diana Carolina Sosa sits on a stone wall with the city and sky behind her

From Diana Carolina Sosa (SFS'19) - "With my grant I was able to engage with three sides of Austrian society: I taught high schoolers, took university classes alongside Austrian and international students, and volunteered at a nonprofit both run by, and serving, immigrant women. Teaching consisted of planning fun English speaking exercises and presenting on American culture. My university coursework ranged from art curation to education design, and at Verein Mainz, I assisted with translation and publications."

Application Suggestion:

"I'd recommend applicants consider applying to a location outside of the country's capital. Linz is Austria's third biggest city, and with a population of 200,000, it was the perfect size to form close bonds with the community. I befriended the staff at my favorite bar, would see my students around the city, and even had an Austrian 'grandma' who lent me cooking supplies."

Advising Corner


After you submit your draft Fulbright application by Georgetown's internal deadline (September 1, 12 PM noon ET), the Center for Research & Fellowships will work to match you with a campus mentor.

Fulbright mentors are Georgetown faculty, staff, and alumni who generously volunteer their time each year to help with two important aspects of the application process.

First, your campus mentor will review the draft application you submitted in the Fulbright portal. The person will then meet with you (in person or via Zoom) to discuss your application and provide feedback for strengthening it. After you meet with your mentor, you will have the opportunity to update your application in the Fulbright portal.

IMPORTANT: In order to meet with a mentor, you must complete, as soon as possible, the center's 2023-2024 Fulbright Waiver and Agreement Form.

Second, your campus mentor will complete a Campus Committee Evaluation Form about you that Georgetown will submit to Fulbright as a part of the application process. Review more about this process and visit the evaluation forms on the Fulbright website.

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Affiliation Letter Support

As you likely know by now, some Fulbright applications require you to submit a support letter from the place/s or person/s you will affiliate with during your grant award.

(Learn more about affiliation letters in the May 26 edition of this e-newsletter.)

Once you have identified and connected with one or more potential affiliations, you can request a letter from the Center for Research & Fellowships to then share with the individual/s or institution/s to help inform the affiliation letters they write for you.

Request a Letter

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Contact Us!

Commit time in the weeks ahead to work on your Fulbright application and drafts of your personal statement and statement of grant purpose.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor for application and essay feedback well before the September 1 internal deadline.

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It's a Fulbright Friday!

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