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Georgetown Fulbrighter Spotlight

Áine Crinion (SFS'22)

Binational Business Program: Mexico

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From Áine Crinion (SFS'22): "As a binational business grantee, my grant consists of doing an internship for Volaris, an ultra-low-cost airline based out of Mexico, and taking master's classes. Since I work on the Investor Relations team, my manager and I were given a tour of Mexico City’s new airport a couple of weeks ago so we could discuss with investors how its opening will impact our operations." 

Application Suggestion:

"As you’re starting your application, I’d recommend writing out a list of 'why' for your program or country (why me, why this country, why now) and asking yourself if every part of your application answers one of those questions. Not only did it help me write more effective essays when applying, but having a clear 'why' helped me figure out what my overall goals for this year were once I arrived."

(Crinion is pictured at left.)

Advising Corner


Once you have spent time researching where you would like to go for an ETA award and understanding the location's specific description and requirements (e.g., applicant's teaching experiences, language proficiency, and eligibility), you will need to think of three recommenders who can complete a short-answer electronic form.

To help identify recommenders you will invite, consider the questions they will be asked to address - 750 characters each:

  • Based on your observation of and experience with the applicant, comment on their ability to overcome challenges.
  • In your view, how has this applicant demonstrated qualities associated with teaching or mentoring?
  • Based on your observation, how might the applicant interact with students, faculty, and community members, among others, in an unfamiliar or unstructured situation or in a different cultural environment?
  • What kind of impression, in your view, would the applicant make as a representative of the United States abroad?
  • Please comment on any other factors which you believe may have a bearing on the applicant's potential to have a successful experience abroad as a Fulbright ETA (comments regarding academic and/or personal experience, maturity, adaptability and flexibility are welcome).

Provide recommenders with the instructions webpage, which includes a link to a sample .pdf ETA recommendation form.

  • SPEND time at the Center for Research & Fellowships (3607 O Street, NW, 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday) reviewing example ETA application essays.
  • ENROLL in our Canvas course for more information about ETA awards.
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Start Writing Early!

A question we regularly receive: Do I need to wait until the September 1 (12 PM noon) internal deadline to submit my draft application in the Fulbright portal? No!

Spend June and July working on the various components of your Fulbright application, including your essays. By early to mid-August, a solid draft should be ready. Once you submit that draft (by September 1 at the latest), the center can begin working to match you with a campus mentor.

You will then have time to make updates before Fulbright's October deadline!

Fulbright Application Portal

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Time to Talk?

After you've done your initial research about Fulbright locations and programs that interest you and visited our Canvas course, the center invites you to make an advising appointment to discuss your ideas and application!

Further, as your ideas and essays continue to take shape over the summer, schedule an appointment with an advisor for feedback before the September 1 internal deadline.

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It's a Fulbright Friday!

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