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Advising Corner

Great Work!

Sincere thanks to the many applicants who connected with us this spring and summer and who have put in the time drafting essays, contacting recommenders and affiliation sites, and working on applications!

It has been a joy to witness the progress you have made on your Fulbright applications!

We look forward to receiving your completed draft application by the September 1 deadline and, soon thereafter, beginning the Campus Committee Evaluation and mentorship process.

If helpful, as you finish up your drafts, the following is a list of topics we've covered in this newsletter during the past few months:



Time Is Flying: 1 Week!

There is now just one week until Georgetown's internal Fulbright application deadline: September 1, 2023 at 12 PM (noon) ET!

Do not wait! If your application draft is final, submit it to us, via the Fulbright application portal, any time in August. (Your application draft will not go to Fulbright at this point when you submit it in the portal.)

We can then match you with a mentor! In order to match you with a mentor, it is necessary for you to complete and submit the center's Waiver and Agreement Form. Please do so if you have not.

Also remember the various resources we have highlighted in previous editions of this e-newsletter:

Check In With Your Recommenders!

In order for your recommenders to submit their forms (ETA) or letters (Study/Research) by the September 1 due date, you need to add them in the Fulbright application portal!

Check in with your recommenders TODAY about their forms/letters!

Submitting Your Draft Application

Click Here To Preview Application Proof You are expected to preview the Application Proof prior to submitting the application. It is important to review formatting to ensure that text responses are not cut off and uploaded documents display correctly. We recommend saving a copy of your Application Proof for your records.

A frequent question we receive goes something like: Should I actually submit my draft application in the Fulbright portal?

The answer is YES!

When you reach the "Review & Submit" page within the online application, the system will let you know if any required information is missing.

Further, as pictured above, Fulbright recommends that you "Click Here To Preview Application Proof." We recommend that, too!

In addition, to make sure your Georgetown Parchment transcript is appearing correctly (see July 7 Fulbright Friday "Advising Corner"), we recommend downloading and reviewing the .pdf of your application proof by clicking the printer icon on the preview screen.

Once everything is ready, submit your draft by September 1, 2023 at 12 PM (noon) ET!

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It's a Fulbright Friday!

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