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Fulfilling the vision and goals

October 2018

About 18 years ago Mario sat down with our church and drew up our church mission, vision, strategy and goals (you can read them here ) We revisit them regularly with the church to keep ourselves motivated and on track because we firmly believe that if we want to be effective in our city and country, we must have a very specific vision and specific goals toward which we are working.

Our goals are:

    To raise up and build a central institution as a base for other local church, services, and other Para-church institutions.

    To establish local churches and Para-church institutions in the region of Zagreb.

    To establish local churches and Para-church institutions in Croatia.
When we got a call several months ago asking if we could assist in establishing a church in a small town of about 20,000 (about 2 hours east of Zagreb) called Virovitica, it seemed to fit right into our list of goals. There are currently 4 believers that are meeting in an older woman’s home and had been listening to our sermons via YouTube. Two weeks ago a group of 7 from our Church (mostly young people) travelled there to have church together with them. Our people lead worship for them, Mario preached and we prayed with them. Our plan is to travel to Virovitica once a month to officially hold a service with them, and our prayer is that God calls someone to take that work over long term. Please be in prayer with us for this new mission work, that the Lord would pour out his blessing and the work would grow and that he provides the finances for the monthly trip there and back.

Part of our vision is:

    To raise up a new generation of leaders who will effectively serve in churches, fellowships and the business world with fairness and justice.
In accordance with this we finally launched a Youth Church this past Sunday Evening. This is something we have been talking about for over a year. Our Wednesday youth group has grown to almost double this past year and having services for them on Wednesday evenings (since it is in the middle of the week) gives them very little time to hang out, invite their friends, have music rehearsal, do street evangelism, etc. Our youth are very active in helping prepare and put on the service. They do their own worship, help prepare games, serve refreshments, etc. This is one way our church is endeavoring to prepare the next generation to be leaders.
Another part of our vision is:

    To actively launch and influence politics, the media, and the business world in the Republic of Croatia by extending and maintaining Biblical morals and ethical principles.
Since Croatia joined the European Union, because of the unfavorable economic situation and political corruption, statistics have shown that about 400,000 Croatian citizens have left the country to seek work elsewhere. This has not only created economic problems for us, but in the smaller rural areas some churches have literally closed their doors and others are close to closing because they have lost so many members. Most of these churches have fought for years to grow- our churches are generally smaller- but now because of economic migration, many have been left with just a handful of members, some have lost their pastors, and others have been left with no one at all.

Because of the present economic situation and the influence of many years under social and communistic rule, many people have issues with understanding economics and finances in general. For the past 8 years we have endeavored to encourage young people to be entrepreneurs, have a proper understanding of economics and finances from a godly perspective. This has really helped the people in our church, and over 70% of our people either own their own businesses, are in high positions of management or work for the government. Encouraging people to invest in themselves and teaching on the biblical perspective of finances can help to bring stability to the remnant in Croatia.

For this reason, I wrote a 300 page book, “Our Daily Money” , in which I explain in great detail from a Biblical perspective, work ethic, economics, budget making, saving, and other principles that will help many in Croatia and the Balkan regions to stay and be able to be successful by operating with integrity and using their finances in a godly way. This kind of book has never been written in Croatia and I believe it will be very helpful and a blessing to many, as well as an evangelistic tool for those who are interested in economics. The book is completely ready for print, however we need to pray in the finances for that. Would you be in prayer with us for this need? Our goal is to print 500 copies (the cost for that is  $3200 ).
is doing well. We are busy with school and activities. The children are looking forward to the Christmas holidays already because their Grandpa and Grandma (Bonnie’s parents) will be visiting from the US!

Thank you all so much for your generous and faithful support. May the Lord bless each and every one of you and prosper you in your work. 

Croatian Evangelistic Outreach