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New Product: Bluetooth Mesh Connected Driver
Fulham is proud to announce the release of a new family of SIG qualified Bluetooth mesh products. The core component is the revolutionary WorkHorse LED "Connected Driver". The T2C1UNV150P-40L is a programmable 40W, 0-10V constant current driver with the unique ability to add Bluetooth mesh connectivity by attaching a simple plug-and-play Bluetooth antenna, called a SmartLink (part number ESLI01HB01 ).

Bluetooth mesh is an emerging platform for connected lighting that provides fast, reliable performance, unmatched scalability, high-level security and out-of-the-box interoperability. It can simultaneously connect hundreds or even thousands of devices, creating opportunities for larger, more efficient lighting networks.

In tandem with the connected driver, Fulham has released its new eliteBlue commissioning software, which provides an intuitive set of tools for commissioning and monitoring qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting devices. There are two pieces to the new software: the eliteBlue web portal , which is used offsite to manage lighting installation projects, and the eliteBlue mobile app for iOS , which is used onsite to commission devices and fine-tune installations.

Two new wireless, self-powered switches designed for use with Bluetooth lighting installations are also now available. These EnOcean® switches harness the energy created by pressing the rocker pad to communicate via the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio standard.

Part Numbers and Specifications (click part number for detailed specs)

T2C1UNV150P-40L : 40W programmable driver, UNV input, 0-10V/Bluetooth dimming, 250-1500mA, 10-57VDC, cULus Listed, CE , 6.61" x 1.97" x 1.18."

ESLI01HB01 : Bluetooth SmartLink, 1.99" diameter x 1.33" height. RJ12 connection to driver to enable Bluetooth control.

ESRPB-W-EO : Single rocker EnOcean switch for Blueto oth, 4.95" x 3.21" x 0.74"

EDRPB-W-EO : Double rocker EnOcean switch for Bluetooth, 4.95" x 4.52" x 0.72"

Power over Ethernet Driver wins LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award
Fulham's new Power over Ethernet Driver has received a 2019 Sapphire Award for innovation in LED drivers from LEDs Magazine. The awards were presented at Strategies in Light in Las Vegas February 28.

The EliteControl PoE 2 Channel Driver (part number: PoE2D-120P-45C) is powered by a standard Ethernet cable. It provides up to 45W output at a range of 200-1200mA and 10-40VDC. The driver also features Bluetooth mesh wireless access for remote dimming control and has two channel output for color mixing.

“More of our customers are looking for luminaire control options and new ways to harness solid-state lighting as a platform for building automation. With this new EliteControl driver we offer both PoE and wireless Bluetooth mesh access," said Russ Sharer, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development for Fulham.

This is the second time in three years that Fulham has been honored with a Sapphire Award in the Best Driver category. In 2017, its WorkHorse LED wireless programmable outdoor drivers took home the award.

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Fulham’s Canopy LED Retrofit Kit is a complete, field-installable solution for canopies, parking garages, and similar applications. The 65W LED engine is an ideal replacement for HID systems and is li sted on the DLC® Qualified Products List to facilitate energy rebates. Learn more at or check out our rebate finder tool to see how much you could be saving.

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HotSpot EZ Exit Emergency System for T-Grids Now Available
Fulham's new HotSpot EZ Exit system is now in stock and available for order. The innovative emergency solution, which took home a 2018 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award , is designed to provide unobtrusive emergency lighting for common T-Grid ceilings.

The EZ Exit utilizes high output linear LED strips, which install seamlessly between ceiling panels, while constant power emergency drivers are mounted out of sight above the grid. During normal standby operation the EZ Exit system is almost invisible, but when the power goes out the LED strips automatically illuminate, providing at least 90 minutes of emergency lighting.

EZ Exit kits are available in 24” and 48” module lengths, and include all the installation hardware required to turn a standard T-grid ceiling into a reliable LED emergency lighting solution.

Fulham Names Antony Corrie President and CEO
Fulham is pleased to announce the appointment of Antony Corrie as President and CEO . Current President and CEO Bob Howard-Anderson was named an advisor to the company's Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Fulham, Corrie was President of Worldwide Sales for Harvard Technology. He joined Harvard in 2012 after more than 18 years with Future Electronics, including time with its European subsidiary FAI Electronics. Corrie has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The Manchester Metropolitan University.

“Fulham has an incredible customer set, team and history,” Corrie said. “The company is a leader in the fast growing Exit/Emergency market, has an exciting portfolio of award-winning products beginning to ship, and I believe will continue to enhance and grow its market position. Now in its 25th year, I look forward to leading the company’s next phase.”

Howard-Anderson joined Fulham in 2013 and has driven the company’s transition from legacy technologies to a focus on innovative LED drivers, exit/emergency products, light sources, and controls.