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New Product: Linear DirectAC Retrofit Kits
Fulham is proud to announce the launch of a new line of linear DirectAC Retrofit Engines as part of its popular range of Vizion DirectAC Retrofit Kits.

Ideal for vanity fixtures, linear wall sconces, and other surface mounted luminaries, t he new linear DirectAC Retrofit Engines are available in three versions – 10W (5.5"), 15W (11"), and 30W (22"). They deliver universal voltage input (120-277V), smooth leading-edge TRIAC or trailing-edge ELV dimming down to 10%, a 5VA rated lens, and ultra-low flicker of less than 30%, in accordance with environmental standards such as California Title 24 and CEC Flicker requirements.

The linear DirectAC Retrofit Engines feature AC direct drive on an integrated LED board, which simplifies installation and creates a lower profile (just 0.67” in height).

Part Numbers and Specifications (click part number for detailed specs)
VJTUNV010LN9yyB05 :  10W, 1087lm @4000K/90CRI, 5.52" L x 2.21" W x 0.67" H

VJTUNV015LN9yyB11 15W, 1644lm @4000K/90CRI, 11.03" L x 2.21" W x 0.67" H
VJTUNV030LN9yyB22 30W, 3235lm @4000K/90CRI, 22.06" L x 2.21" W x 0.67" H
All models feature 90CRI, with a range of color temperatures available. Contact your Fulham rep or Fulham Client Services for samples and pricing.

New Product: Bluetooth® Smartbridge 0-10V Controller
Fulham’s new EliteControl Bluetooth SmartBridge is now in stock and available for order. T he Bluetooth SmartBridge is a simple, easy-to-install component that connects to an existing 0-10V driver to seamlessly add SIG Qualified Bluetooth mesh capability.

Recognized as the 2019 Product of the Year in Lighting Control Equipment by  Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine , Fulham’s Bluetooth Smartbridge controller is an ideal solution for manufacturers looking to develop their Bluetooth product lines or contractors seeking to provide wireless lighting options in the field. The product can be installed in any electrical box or LED luminaire, enabling advanced Bluetooth controls without running additional control wires.

Compatible with Fulham’s eliteBlue commissioning software, the Bluetooth SmartBridge provides wireless on/off and 0-10V dimming controls for a transmission range up to 50 meters/160 feet at 2.4GHz. The controller has 120 to 277VAC input, as well as a sensor input for motion controls and daylight harvesting.

Part Number and Specifications (click part number for detailed specs)
CTBRCB02JM02 :  UNV input (120-277V), 600W max load, 5A max current, 5.17" x 2.26" x 1.29"

SmartBridge Kits: Include everything needed for simple Bluetooth mesh retrofit: SmartBridge, Occupancy/Daylight Harvesting Sensor, and Switch

ESB01KITT01A : 1 SmartBridge (CTBRCB02JM02), 1 sensor (ELIOPJX00SR), 1 single rocker switch (ESRPB-W-EO)

ESB01KITT01B : 1 SmartBridge (CTBRCB02JM02), 1 sensor (ELIOPJX00SR), 1 double rocker switch (EDRPB-W-EO)

ESB02KITT01A : 2 SmartBridges (CTBRCB02JM02), 1 sensor (ELIOPJX00SR), 1 single rocker switch (ESRPB-W-EO)

ESB02KITT01B : 2 SmartBridges (CTBRCB02JM02), 1 sensor (ELIOPJX00SR), 1 double rocker switch (EDRPB-W-EO)

Fulham's new all-in-one HotSpot Plus 70W LED Driver is designed to emulate the form factor of typical 70W drivers (16.7" x 1.18" x 1.0"), while also providing reliable emergency capability. The clever result? An innovative solution that allows linear luminaire manufacturers to shrink their emergency footprint dramatically.

Find Your Utility Rebate at
As a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED retrofit kits, we understand the importance of utility rebates, especially when it comes to getting a retrofit project off the ground. That’s why we’ve launched an innovative online tool designed to help our customers identify valuable rebate opportunities and apply for them. 

Visit  to give it a try. Simply enter the type of product you're looking for, your location, and the name of your local utility to see a list of rebate-eligible, DLC® and ENERGY STAR® qualified Fulham products to kickstart your next project.

New: Bluetooth Commissioning and Setup Videos
Fulham's eliteBlue software is the next phase in the evolution of wireless lighting control. The system provides an intuitive set of tools designed for simple planning, commissioning, and monitoring of Bluetooth mesh lighting devices.

Whether you are creating a commissioning plan, mapping zones within a building, creating custom control profiles or managing users collaborating on a project, the innovative remote-access system provides endless potential for cost savings, asset management, and enhanced user experience.

Click here to explore a new set of tutorial videos that walks users through key functions and answers common questions about the eliteBlue system.