Full Circle
Circle Center's E-Newsletter
"If you only carry one thing throughout
your life, let it be hope."
-Nikki Banas
Sometimes we find ourselves thinking about life "pre-pandemic." It happens to all of us. When we forget our mask on a quick trip to the grocery, when going to work, or school, or church is happening on a screen instead of in-person, and most of all, when we miss being with and hugging our friends and our family.

While we try and stay positive and optimistic, it is often difficult to ignore the growing stressors and challenges as we continue to adjust to our "new normal." We are happy each day that we are able to welcome a participant to the Center, each day we get to spend a few moments on the phone catching up with a caregiver, and each time we hear laughter, music or conversation in our program rooms. These moments of hope will always be our motivation to keep going.

We also have the moments of hope each day that YOU provide. When an amazon package arrives, when a friend calls to check-in and see how they can help, when we receive your gifts and support. These are the daily reminders of how important our services are to the participants and families in our community. They remind us to keep going so that we can have a future of reaching the families who need us. They remind us every day that we can't do what we do - without YOU.

Our monthly Full Circle has provided us a way to share these moments, stories and celebrations with those of you who make them happen. This month brings us a story that reminds us just what being "Full Circle" truly means. We have some updates and introductions to make, and maybe you will even see some familiar faces really enjoying Circle Center Spirit Week!
Familiar Faces Prove the Notion of Being "Full Circle"
Something happens every now and again around Circle Center that makes us pause and wonder at the true nature of life being "Full Circle." We have a common joke around here that pops up on certain occasions. A family will come for a tour, or a volunteer will become a regular, or a first time visitor pops in to see for themselves the magic of Circle Center. As they walk our halls and meet our staff and participants, they will remark, "Well go ahead and sign me up" for when they are ready to join us as a participant. Whereas we always reply, "we'll save you a seat!" Guess what, sometimes we do just that.

Bernice, originally from Sumter SC, has a career history that highlights her love of helping others. Among her many former roles she served as a foster parent, a nurse at MCV, and of particular note to us, she was a nursing aide right here at Circle Center! Outside of work, Bernice has always been a devoted member of her congregation, and has served with and for many civic organizations in our community (and racked up some impressive awards and accolades for her service along the way!) Now celebrating 90 years of life, Bernice found herself back at Circle Center, only this time it is as a participant. She was happy to return to the Circle Center community and has enjoyed seeing staff again and making new friends. Full of energy and the same sense of service she was known for back in her working days she particularly appreciates the opportunity to socialize and connect! Her favorite activity was probably the Circle Center choir, but until that is up and running again, she enjoys the music and arts and crafts activities. Returning to Circle Center has been, as she says in her own words, like coming back to her “second home.” When not here at Circle Center, Bernice, who is still active with her church, spends time with her family of grandchildren and great grandchildren who adore her, and of course the family pet Chihuahua, Ace, who she happily lets jump all over her! 

Sharing a similar story, is our friend Josephine. Josephine started her career as a secretary, and was a true trailblazer as she entered into the world of data processing (back when computers couldn't fit in our phones!). She retired, briefly, then took her zest for life into a second career and was a CNA right here at Circle Center back in the 90's. Working well into her 80's, she was as beloved and known for her spirited personality as her penchant for flair. Flair that was obvious each morning she zipped into our parking lot in her green convertible with her signature style and smile. When she retired, we missed having this fireball around, but sure enough we saw her again soon. After experiencing a stroke, Josephine was once again gracing our hallways, this time as a participant. She was comfortable here in a familiar setting amongst her friends and we were happy to welcome her back! Though she is no longer a participant here, she has happily entered into her 9th decade of life and continues to look forward to each adventure, birthday and celebration that comes her way!

We look forward to welcoming back our visitors, our volunteers and our prospective families and participants as soon as we safely can. And we promise, as always, to save you a seat.
Bernice, with her trademark smile, was proud to sport her "I VOTED" sticker!
Josephine, with her signature popped collar, enjoyed a musical performance back in 2018!
Circle Center's Spirit Week caps off with Busy Bees!
We often joke that we are like a busy hive of bees buzzing around to get the job done. So when Halloween popped up on our calendar's, we knew just what we wanted to be! Staff and participants alike have been getting into the spirit all week during Circle Center Spirit Week. BEE sure to check our Facebook page to see our busy bees in action!
Having Fun on Wacky
Tacky Day!
Three Cheers for
Fall Colors Day!
Team colors on Favorite Team Day!
Virtual Support Group Updates
We hear time and time again how the pandemic has intensified the stressors and challenges of caregiving. Support for our caregivers and care partners is one of the main tenets of our mission. While we have had to make necessary modifications to our support system, and we have to rely on conversations via phone and support groups via zoom, we are still here for you.

With that in mind we have added a second monthly Caregiver Support Group and we have been able to revive our Parkinson's Support Group as well.

Our Caregiver Support Group is designed specifically for caregivers and care partners. You do NOT have to have a participant currently at the Center in order to attend. Please join us for any support group that meets your needs and feel free to share this information with anyone in the community who may benefit from these resources.

Combined Caregiver Support Group:
Second Thursday & Last Thursday of Every Month 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Parkinson's Support Group:
First Tuesday of Every Month 6:00 - 7:00 PM

These support groups are open to the public and do not require an RSVP. Please contact Jay Burkhardt for more information and to receive the ZOOM link: JBurkhardt@CircleCenterVA.org; 804.355.5717 x210
Circle Center Welcomes Students!
Courtney and Emilee, both seniors at Longwood University studying Therapeutic Recreation, are completing their senior internship with us. They started full-time with us in August and will stay on through December. We have been so fortunate to have their help during our reopening!

Courtney and Emilee have been instrumental in planning and implementing creative and engaging programs as well as working 1:1 with our participants in our multi-sensory environment, walking program and Montessori activities. These programs provide cognitive, physical and emotional stimulation to increase and maintain participant's quality of life and enjoyment! Participants and staff have all loved having Courtney and Emilee as part of the Circle Center Team!

*Courtney and Emilee follow the same health and safety protocols as all staff, including daily temperature and symptom monitoring, physical distancing and masks.
Walk to End Alzheimer's Goes Virtual
We've happily participated and supported our friends over at Alzheimer's Association Greater Richmond Chapter with their annual Walk to End Alzheimer's for many years. This year they, like so many of our fellow organizations and non-profit's, have been forced to make modifications to their annual events and fundraisers. So they are holding their Walk to End Alzheimer's virtually - and on Halloween no-less! We have assembled a team and look forward to participating in this important event. Please click HERE to learn more about this event and click HERE to learn more about the many resources that Alzheimer's Association offers in our community.
Your Support Makes a Difference
Your support has never been more critical. This pandemic has heightened things we already knew. The dangers of social isolation, the stressors of care-giving, the importance of engaging programs for our aging adults. Our services are needed now more than they ever have been before.

We can only do that with your support. Each gift we receive helps to ensure our future of offering our state of the art and innovative programs and services to our community. Thank you for your continued support and please consider a gift today.
Center Updates -
"Scene" and Heard around Circle Center
The wife of a former participant dropped off some pansies that we have planted and placed along the windowsills to enjoy in our sun room! She also recently connected us with the Jewish Women's Club and Jay was able to virtually speak at their recent meeting! Thank you Suzy!
"The staff is so supportive and helpful. You are proactive with communication and are really partners with us."
- Participant Caregiver