Full Circle
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"I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination .”
- Jimmy Dean
We have understood, from the beginning of the Pandemic that turned everyone's world upside down, that we were entering a marathon, not a race. We know what our ultimate destination is - to see Circle Center full and flourishing again - yet we know that the road to get there is a long and winding one, full of unforeseen twists and turns. Luckily, our team has adapted at each turn, and we have kept our focus on our final destination, while allowing for time, and an opportunity to learn at each pit stop along the way.

While it is human nature to want immediate gratification, we have been forced to slow down and make adaptions and changes slowly. This slow pace can be frustrating, both to those on the outside and on the inside. Yet, we have taken this time to implement strategies that will ultimately help us reach our goal. Each new health and safety protocol, though they may feel time consuming or cumbersome, is a vital part of that plan.

We have also taken this time to look, listen, and learn. To focus on what makes Circle Center unique and what we can do to ensure a long future of serving our community. Our caregiver survey has been one important element of this conversation. We have heard that caregiver stress has increased, a fact felt by nearly everyone, even on staff, who are balancing their own various caregiver struggles - so this is one we understand personally and professionally. We have heard the concerns about the decline of both physical and emotional health and well-being, and how social isolation is largely to blame for those outcomes.

We have watched as the slow and planned return of participants has given us a sense of return to "normal," reigniting friendships and a feeling of community that make such a huge difference to our collective mental and physical health. And we continue to look forward, and with your support, we know we will cross the finish line together. Like all marathon runners know, finishing a marathon is more than just an athletic achievement. It is a state of mind that says anything is possible . Thanks for cheering us on!
A Very Welcome Back !
As we have progressed through the early stages of our phased reopening, it has been the return of our participants that has brought us so much joy. Now, we are also rejoicing in the return of more members of Team Circle Center!

We happily welcome Elizabeth Price Perkins, Recreational Therapist and Alicia Johnson, CNA back to the halls of Circle Center! Participants will no doubt be delighted to again enjoy Elizabeth's contagious and uplifting spirit and Alicia's warm and welcoming smile. We are so happy to have them both back and appreciate their willingness to take on a diverse set of roles. 
And a Warm New Welcome too!
We are always happy to welcome new members to our dedicated, diverse and engaged Board of Directors and we are happy to introduce our newest member, Sandra Cousins. Sandra comes to us with her years of professional financial experience and will no doubt be an asset to our finance committee and offer us her wealth of knowledge as we continue our strategic planning. Join us in welcoming Sandra to our Board!
Personal Activity Kits
We put out the call for help...and you have answered! Adhering to new and enhanced health and safety protocols has presented quite a few interesting challenges for all facets of our programs and services. Deciding the best and safest way for our participants to enjoy our rich and personalized activity program, usually based in a group setting, was certainly a conundrum.

How do we transform our activities so that our participants are able to engage and and participate "together" for increased socialization and communication - but safely? We spaced program stations apart, but that left us with a small set of program resources and no way to equally distribute them. We figured out the need early for personal activity kits, so that each participant can have their own set of items to participate in the engaging and specialized activities, crafts and programs. Then we asked for your help...

Now we are sending a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed items and time to the collection of these personal activity kits. Each delivery makes us feel like kids on Christmas morning!

Please click HERE to learn more about how to help us collect and assemble these kits and click HERE be directed to our Amazon Wish-List.
More Ways to Help - Grab A Seat at the Table!
As we have implemented the new safety measures - such the 6ft rule - we have been challenged to make the best use of our space. We think we have a solution - now we need your help to make it happen!

We need to raise $2,000 to purchase 32 small tables to use in our program areas that will allow us to continue to adhere to the 6ft rule while providing more space to better maneuver between tables and accommodate more participants! Help us give them a " Seat at the Table" by donating to our Table Fund. We are thankful for any donation, big or small!

* To donate to our table fund, use the link below and indicate "table" in the comment box provided or send in a check with "table" in the memo line.
Center Updates -
"Scene" and Heard around Circle Center
Joe showing us his strength during a daily wellness exercise routine!
Our patio plants are thriving again as they enjoy daily visits from our participants!
" He was so happy being with his friends and getting back into a routine--and I got so much accomplished and felt so good (knowing)
that he was so well taken care of! "
- Participant's wife on his return to Circle Center
Participants sit safely at a 6ft distance to enjoy activities and fellowship!
We think this landscape art is something to be proud of too!
As we are currently not allowing volunteers on site for public safety
reasons we have had many requests for virtual volunteer opportunities .
We are working on some creative ways for volunteers to help us
achieve our mission, albeit virtually. . . s o stay tuned !
Have ideas? Reach out to Jantrim@circlecenterva.org and let us know!

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