Full Circle
Circle Center's Weekly Update
Alone we can do little.
Together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller
Welcome back to  Full Circle,   our weekly newsletter designed to keep you in the know about what’s going on while we are all practicing physical distancing.

As we continue to navigate this time apart, and as the days lengthen into months, we continue to worry about the impact of this crisis on our participants and their care partners. Becoming a full time caregiver essentially overnight, while juggling new stressors and adapting to work from home, virtual school, and state and city wide closures, has only increased the demands and stress on care partners.  PBS News Hour  recently shared heart wrenching stories of the lives of caregivers in the midst of COVID-19. 

Click HERE to watch.

The story highlighted what we have long known about the resiliency of care partners and the dedication and loyalty to those they care for. It also reminded us how very essential the service we provide is to those we serve while highlighting advocacy efforts that need to be addressed to best serve and support all care givers during this time. 
We also want to take the opportunity to remind caregivers about community resources available to them right now.  Our community continues to amaze us with the array of services and resources they offer to stay connected and ease the stresses brought on by this pandemic. Keep reading for some resources we are highlighting this week.

Our staff and board remain committed to our Center and our participants and to working together as we adapt and head towards our phased re-opening. The generous donations of time, innovative ideas such as  items   that make masks more comfortable for long-term wear, and support from our friends and volunteers, not only remind us why our work is so important, but keep our spirits buoyed as we work towards our goal of safely opening our doors again.

Be well.
Community Resources
Our community partners continue to amaze and inspire us. We are grateful for the incredible hard work of everyone in the healthcare and non-profit arenas to find ways to offer new resources and continue to help out in this pandemic .

Tech Savvy Tips for Seniors: While we have worked to translate our programming to a virtual environment, so have many other institutions. While this has been an important method of engagement and outreach - it can be overwhelming to try and adapt to the online world overnight. Click HERE to check out these tips from Aging in Place on How to Become Tech Savvy Seniors.

Bremo Pharamacy : Our friends and neighbors at Bremo Pharmacy have always been on the cutting edge of medication management, and they continue to offer services to make it easier than ever to receive and maintain your medication schedules and services. Click HERE to see how they can help you manage your medications, everyday, but especially during this Pandemic. Check out their Medication Delivery Service and make getting your prescriptions filled super easy.  

Senior Connections: A longtime partner, Senior Connections is offering respite and personal care while adult day care centers are closed. To learn more please contact one of Senior Connections Care Coordinators at 804.343. 3000 or click HERE.
Community Support
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Circle Center through this time. We are so amazed by the RESOURCEFUL ways in which YOU have found to help us!

Our handyman extraordinaire, Dewayne Wilson, has built and installed a new plexiglass protective shield in our lobby as we work to adapt and update the Center to prepare to open our doors again!

Through the connection of our board member, Kathryn Draper, we received a donation of Pinkys from Julie May, designed to help masks stay in place and not put such a stress and discomfort on our ears. As we work to safely re-open these will be incredibly helpful!

Thank you to our longtime Montessori volunteer, Linda Tebault, who through her years of support in our Montessori program, understands the importance of individual supplies for this program as we work to safely commence on-site activities again. She heard our call and placed a HUGE order for our needed items to be delivered to us. Thank you!!

For more information on the supplies that we need and the ways in which you can help Circle Center prepare to re-open, please click HERE.

New Lobby Plexiglass Shield!
Pinkys - Mask Helpers!
Be on the Lookout - Our Caregiver Survey is in the Mail!
We will be sending out our Caregiver Survey in the mail in the coming week. This Annual Caregiver survey is anonymous, and an important way for us to hear from our caregivers. It  is essential to us as we plan and adjust our programs  to better meet the needs of those we serve. The feedback is also used for fundraising and grant appeals as it is one of our main sources of demographic information instrumental to sharing how our services support our community, our caregivers and our participants. New for this survey is an opportunity for our caregivers to share their thoughts on how we have adapted to the Pandemic and ideas as we move towards our phased re-opening.
Thank you to our caregivers for taking the time provide their answers and opinions.
Circle Center Online Resources
We continue to add new activities and resources for you to enjoy. Please click HERE to continue to use our remote activities and resources. Our guided options offer narration by Circle Center staff for a guided experience while our Self-Directed options are designed for individualized experience at your own pace. Click HERE to try something new today!
Moving our Mission Forward
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Faces of Circle Center
Circle Center music therapist, Katie Carter, and her daughter, Caroline, took resourcefulness to the next level as they fashioned a new dress out of a vintage bed-sheet!
Circle Center participant, Anne, and her husband Ron recently stopped by for a visit and to generously deliver donations! Thank you Anne and Ron - it was so good to see you!