Full Circle
Circle Center's Weekly Update
Although we are miles apart - If you ever need a helping hand -
I'll be there on the double - Just as fast as I can...
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
- Marvin Gaye
Welcome back to  Full Circle,   our weekly newsletter designed to keep you in the know about what’s going on while we are all practicing physical distancing.

Once again we find ourselves in awe. In awe of the dedication of the tireless efforts being made by frontline workers, those in the healthcare field, and our community partners. Even as the effects of this Pandemic wear on, and we are faced with new realities and new struggles daily, we are inspired by the work being done, by the nonprofit community response efforts led by The Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond, by our friends and partners in aging services at Senior Connections, and the Longevity Project for a Greater Richmond. And by the nurses. We are amazed by you, every day.

It seems a fitting time to be celebrating International Nurses Week in May. There has never been a greater appreciation of what nurses do - although long known by many of us - we wish it hadn't taken a global Pandemic for the rest of the world to take notice. We are honored to take some time in this edition to shine a well deserved light on nurses, and one in particular who we are lucky to call our very own.
Helpers Helping
The Mobile Rehab Engineering team from The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, regularly visits Circle Center to provide maintenance for our collection of wheelchairs and walkers. On each visit they repair between 10 - 15, taking those that need extensive repair back to their shop. They even offer power washing for wheelchairs - which we have happily taken service of!

Their most recent visit to Circle Center on May 12th was even better than usual. They picked up a large donation of walkers and wheelchairs that we can no longer use. They will recycle, fix, repair and re-distribute them to other facilities in need. Of course they also repaired 6 wheelchairs in our current inventory.

It is partnerships like these, that during this time of the unknown, reminds us of the power of working together and paying it forward. We are so happy to know that these wheelchairs and walkers will find a new home, and that we can continue to keep the health and safety of our participants at the forefront with their help and support. Click HERE to learn more about Mobile Rehab Engineering and HERE to download their flyer.
National Nurses Week
Some cities have a nightly medley of banging pots and cheering to greet the shift change at their hospitals, while children all over the world have decorated windows and doors with hearts and rainbows, and we've seen flyovers of military jets all to celebrate the incredible dedication of healthcare workers. Though we are sure it isn't quite enough, we want to take the time to recognize that last week we celebrated National Nurses Week , and we offer our appreciation to all nurses, especially our own Director of Nursing, Casey Warren.

Casey has been with Circle Center for 7 years and anyone who has been in Casey's presence knows what kindness and compassion looks and feels like. Casey embodies the Hippocratic oath of treating participants like human beings, rather than a collection of symptoms. She doesn’t just do it on the best of days but every day, even challenging days. Actually, on those challenging days she seems to double down, kicking her compassion meter into overdrive. She leads us all by example.  Our nursing program is so vital to our mission. For our participants to have the consistent care of nurses like Casey, who can anticipate a change or a concern before it becomes an emergency, and who can help maintain an individualized, person centered care plan, elevates the level of care we provide day in, day out.

Thank you Casey, and thank you nurses everywhere, for
your care, your compassion, and your support.
Community Support Spotlight
We are inspired by the ways in which the RVA community has banded together. We are proud to be a part of a community that understands that the only way to get through this pandemic - is together. Through the power of working together, the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond , United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg , Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, Robins Foundation, VCU Health System, Jenkins Foundation as well as other foundations and corporate partners, have created the Central Virginia COVD-19 Response Fund . The fund is providing rapid support to community organizations and public agencies that are meeting the needs of individuals and families most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Senior Connections , a longstanding leader in our community on issues related to aging, Senior Connections leadership and staff continue to ensure service delivery continues during this pandemic. They lead the way in collaborating with local government and the Department of Rehabilitative Services to coordinate resources for older adults. We are proud to be a long time partner with them. During this pandemic, Senior Connections is offering help in finding support for in home care services to families in need . Please contact Jay if you are interested in exploring this option. 804.355.5717 x210
Circle Center Needs Your Help!
With all of this talk of communities working together, you may very well be wondering: "How can I help?"

This pandemic has created needs so large and problems so overwhelming, we often feel helpless in the face of them. But we have a way YOU can help. Our team is working on a project assembling personal activity kits designed for our participants to use as soon as we are able to safely re-open. As we adjust to our increased health and safety protocols, like remaining 6 ft apart and not sharing program supplies, participants will be required to have their own set of supplies for program activities.

We'd like to ask for your help in assembling the necessary items for
Personal Montessori Kits for Participants:
Please keep in mind that for sanitary reasons they must be new and un-opened.

  • Fine point washable markers (8 pack)
  • Disposable muffin trays (aluminum, 6 muffin size)
  • Tumblers – reusable cups  (child sized, red/green/yellow/blue)
  • Dry beans (bags of dry navy beans or black-eyed peas)
  • Colored Popsicle sticks (red, green, yellow, blue)
  • Clothes Pins
  • Small round baskets
  • Small Ice cream scoops
  • Ping-Pong Balls
  • Coffee filters
  • Buttons (plastic, assorted sizes)

Please click HERE to learn more about the items that we need and how to deliver them to Circle Center.
Memorial Day
Memorial Day is significant for many reasons, but most especially for the sacrifices of our brave men and women who protected our freedoms. We thank and honor them today, and everyday. To honor the impact of this day, please use the links below to enjoy our Memorial Day programming:

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Moving our Mission Forward
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Faces of Circle Center
Happy 70th Birthday Pearlie! Circle Center participant, Pearlie Pinkney, celebrated her 70th Birthday with family and virtual friends! She lives with her daughter and grandson and they cooked up her favorites to celebrate - ribs, mac n cheese, angel eggs, collard greens, and cornbread. She loves music and socializing and listened to her favorite music, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, a soul band from her hometown of Philadelphia.