Full Circle
Circle Center's Weekly Update
“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory .”
- Dr. Seuss
Welcome back to  Full Circle,   our weekly newsletter designed to keep you in the know about what’s going on while we are all practicing physical distancing.

It seems as if many of us are taking this prolonged time at home to clean out closets and get organized. Inevitably, this often leads to a trip down "Memory Lane." We have been enjoying hearing stories of how our staff, participants, and caregivers have been using this time to reflect and reminisce.

In fact, we have long known the power of reminiscing on memory and mood and we incorporate it regularly into our program. We've worked to bring many of our Reminisce Programs to the virtual environment, including both Guided - with cues and narration from our Program Director, Mary Branzelle, as well as Self Directed, to be enjoyed at your own pace.

This time of reflection also has us wondering, "How will we remember this time?" and "How will we tell this story to future generations?" We share with you in this edition some stories of reflection and celebration, and some ideas for how you might memorialize this truly historic time in our lives.
Memorabilia to Remember
Bill, seen here holding a Bill Garvey autographed ball,
proudly shows off some of his collection.
During his two years as a participant at Circle Center, and his time before as a volunteer, Bill has always regaled us and his friends, fellow participants and volunteers with his stories. Especially his tales about his time working for a military PX at Pearl Harbor, and subsequent trips to Waikiki Beach where he rubbed elbows with many celebrities. These run-ins kicked off a fascination that would continue to bloom as he became a true "collector". Being a life-long Yankees fan only encouraged his fascination and joy with collecting memorabilia, including his impressive collection of autographs and sports keepsakes. Staying at home, where he lives with his sister, has given him more time with his collections and memories, which he shares with us during our regular check-ins. Like the time he asked Mission Impossible star Robert Graves for an autograph, only to spill a hot dog on him in the process! He still managed to snag the autograph, and it is included along with his very impressive collection of over 300 - including those from Mickey Rooney, Adam West and James Garner. He revisits these along with his array of photos, such as his prized one of Bob Hope, and conjures up a memory for each one. Bill has always wanted to write a memoir of his life and his experiences, and we have enjoyed this early sneak peak, as do his family, who love their special uncle Bill and his many stories. Bill looks forward to sharing his stories with us again, and to returning to his beloved role each Sunday as an usher at St. Giles Presbyterian Church.
Time Capsules, Journals, Photo Albums...
Not only are we using this time to share old memories and dig up funny yearbook pictures, we are also spending a lot of time processing all of the varied emotions that living through a Pandemic brings. Schools are assigning "Quarantine Journals" as home-school work, and friends and families are documenting their "new normal" in pictures and emails. In fact, a quick visit to any social media platform will show you the lengths that some people are going to just to stay busy and entertained.

So we want to check in and see how you would answer these questions:

How will be you remember this time? How will you tell the story of this Pandemic? How are you sharing your story?

We bring you a few ideas and invite you to share yours with us.

A Time To Celebrate
Remember last week when we introduced you to one of our caregivers, Gwyn Griffin? Well her children recently celebrated her with a personal Graduation ceremony on Brown's Island for her accomplishments. She earned her Doctorate of Educational Leadership and this extra special commencement was featured on Virginia This Morning. Click HERE to take a minute and watch what will surely be a Graduation to Remember! Bravo to Dr. Griffin and all Graduates who are finding unique ways to celebrate while we are practicing physical distancing.
"Let's Reminisce Together!" These were common words to hear during the course of a "normal" day of programs and activities at Circle Center. In large groups, and small, and in one-on-one settings, we incorporate the act of reminiscing. This encourages and stimulates memory and we usually notice a change in mood and temperament. There is nothing quite like a favorite old song or a line from a favorite movie of your past to increase serotonin and relaxation. So we invite you to check out our remote Reminisce programs and activities and engage your memory. Tell a story to a family member or go through old pictures. It is amazing where a walk down memory lane will take you!

Click HERE to try out our Guided Reminisces
Click HERE to try out our Self-Directed Reminisces
Click HERE to see ALL of our Remote Programs & Activities

We encourage you to share these resources with anyone who might enjoy or benefit from them!
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Faces of Circle Center .
Sheila Selznick shares her completed Afhgan that was 13 years in the making!
Elizabeth Perkins and her daughter enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day!