Full Circle
Circle Center's Weekly Update
“When it comes right down to it, the only way to face a crisis that makes any sense at all - is together.
And the only direction to face - is up.”
- Phil Callaway
Welcome back to  Full Circle,   our weekly newsletter designed to keep you in the know about what’s going on while we are all practicing physical distancing and helping to “flatten the curve”. We’ve got some stories and pictures to share with you in this issue. We hope they lift your spirits as they do ours. 

As we near our seventh week of having on site services suspended due to the virus, our hearts and minds are reaching out to all of the caregivers and older adults all across our community and the globe who have had to adjust to a whole different “normal”. Caregiving is a tough job under any circumstances but this virus and the self-quarantine it has imposed are unprecedented.

Caregivers who live with their loved one have had to dig deep to find ways to keep them engaged, calm them when they are anxious, all while taking care of the normal daily living chores that have become even more challenging during quarantine. Who would have ever thought grocery shopping would feel so risky? And those who are caregiving from a distance, quarantined at their own home while their loved one is elsewhere, are finding themselves getting creative, calling on neighbors and friends who live near their loved one for daily check-ins and drive-bys.  

So this week we want to recognize and salute all of you amazing caregivers for all you do. Your incredible resilience couldn’t shine more brightly than it does during this crisis. As a caregiver you have a history of stepping in, stepping up, and stepping over tons of obstacles as you’ve advocated for your loved one. This crisis is no different. No one is more resilient or more creative than you . Thank you for all you do. As a very dear friend of the Center would say,  PRESS ON!   

If you are like us, than ZOOM has become a regular part of your vocabulary. As we look for ways to connect with each other, we have transitioned our regular support groups to a virtual environment. We have combined our support groups - designed for children of caregivers and partners of caregivers into one weekly group. Each Thursday, from 2:30 - 4:00 pm, all caregivers are invited to join us.
Click here to learn more and we hope to "see you" on ZOOM soon!
Helping Hands
One of the things that has remained a constant throughout this time - is the desire of our staff, volunteers, and friends to help. Help each other, the community, and especially those on the front-lines of this pandemic. We are inspired and heartened by the stories of help we are hearing each day.

Our own Katie Carter, while spending time away from us as our beloved musical therapist, has been making masks for those in the medical community.

Brian Burkhardt, brother of our social worker Jay, a clinical rehab engineer in the Assistive Technology Program at McGuire, is part of a joint effort between the VA and some local businesses to make PPE for healthcare workers.  Learn more about their work.
Bravo to everyone helping to make a difference!
Busy Bees...
We miss seeing our staff, volunteers and participants each day, but we enjoy hearing and seeing what everyone has been doing to stay busy and engaged.

Our own Jen Gray has transitioned her skills as a Recreational Therapist to her current role as a home-school teacher. She and her son have been busy creating incredible art projects!

Program Coordinator Sheila Selznick reports that her garden has never looked better! With help from her son, she has planted two azalea bushes and put down 16 bags of red mulch!

Jen Gray, and fellow Circle Center Recreational Therapist, Elizabeth Perkins, are using their extra time to mentor students through a new program offered by Longwood University enabling them to still work towards their credits while placement opportunities are sidelined.
...and Bunnies too!
While the sight of our empty parking lot makes us miss our usual hustle and bustle, we have had a new friend take up residence and bring us some joy! A bunny and her babies have made Circle Center their home! To help keep her and her little family safe, staff have made a roof and hutch for her.

Now she and her bunnies need names! Help us name our newest Circle Center mascot and her 4 babies. Send your suggestions to info@circlecenterva.org or via our Bunny Contest on Facebook.

We will announce the winning names in next week's Full Circle!
We continue to add programs to our array of on-line resources and activities. New this week are Guided Programs, with narration and video from Circle Center staff, to walk you through the programs. Please continue to stay busy with us with these activities and share them with anyone you know that may benefit from them!

Moving our Mission Forward
May 5, 2020
On May 5th, join us for #GivingTuesdayNow , a global day of unity and giving designed to bring everyone together during this Pandemic. Look out for another email and Facebook post to find out how to participate.

How can you help:

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Faces of Circle Center .
Mary enjoys some music al fresco!
Larry makes coffee filter flowers!
Ann and her grandchildren worked on a mural!