Full Circle
Circle Center's Weekly Update
"When one tugs at a single thing in nature,
he finds it is attached to the rest of the world
-John Muir
Welcome back to  Full Circle,   our weekly newsletter designed to keep you in the know about what’s going on while we are all practicing physical distancing.

We are taking time in this week’s Full Circle to focus on ways we are connected. We happen to think it’s a great theme to stay focused on this week and every week, especially now.  Our connection to one another is what makes the world go round. We’d like to highlight a nonprofit and partner agency that we have a deep connection with. project:HOMES, a nonprofit focused on improving lives by improving homes across Central Virginia with a goal to help low-income and elderly individuals remain in their homes and comfortably age in place.

The goal and mission of project:HOMES is intricately connected to our own. Both of us are on the front lines in advocating for and connecting aging individuals to services and support systems that allow them to age in place, in their own home and communities. We know how important doing so is for their individual health outcomes and for the vibrancy and health of our community. 

Consider the following:
  • The 2016 U.S. Census reports that Baby Boomers comprise 23% of the total population.
  • According to the Pew Research Center, by 2050, one-in-five Americans will be over age 65, and 5% will be 85 and older.
  • The typical client receiving services from project: HOMES is a low-income older adult with some sort of disability living in substandard unsafe housing in dire need of repair. Without accessibility and home improvements, health, hygiene and access to healthcare become exacerbated. 

Circle Center is proud to work alongside nonprofits like project:HOMES and so many others across our region who are working every day to improve conditions and services for aging individuals by continuing to focus on connections and solutions. Nonprofits, by the very nature of their work, understand first-hand how each of us is connected as individuals, communities, cities and systems. A Hindu proverb says it best: “ Help your brother’s boat along and lo! Thine own has reached the shore."

Our connection to you, to our caregivers, our participants and our community is ever present of mind. Join us in celebrating and lifting up our connectedness this week and every day.
The Connection Continues...
We typically have a few students each year who join us for their rotation in their specific area of study. One of our most recent MSW students, Brad Topper, who worked with our Social Worker, Jay Burkhardt, had quite a unique story. Brad was working full time as a Weatherization Associate at none other than the above mentioned project:Homes, while working towards his MSW, and he still managed to squeeze in 14 hours a week with Circle Center! Phew! He recently shared some information with us about how his time as a student at Circle Center enhanced his development as a social worker.

Brad reflected, “through the MSW program at VCU, I had the distinct privilege of spending two semesters as a student social worker at Circle Center Adult Day Services. As a student learner the time spent at the Circle was transformative, to say the least, as I walked alongside the dynamic individuals that utilize the Circle Centers unique services and observed the multidisciplinary team of professionals that constitutes Circle Centers hardworking staff. A staff who gives much of themselves to their vocation and community. Some of the richest experiences afforded me through my time spent at the Circle Center were found in a weekly men’s group. The positive relational exchange fostered during this time carried well outside of the weekly meeting, manifesting in new friendships and new perspectives. The time I was able to share with participants and staff at the Circle will continue to be a source of experiential nourishment, but ultimately it was a gift.”

Thank you Brad. And thank you project:HOMES for all you have done and continue to do for the aging population. We value our connection and encourage you to c lick HERE to learn more and to find out how to contact project:Homes if you need their services.
Health & Safety Updates
Our dedicated team continues to work to make necessary upgrades to our Center to adhere to the new health and safety protocols to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will continue to highlight the improvements that we are making to ensure our Center is ready to safely open our doors again as soon as we are able.

Since our model of care is based in a congregate setting, honoring the 6 ft distancing rule has meant staff has gotten very creative to ensure we are adhering to this new rule.

We are spacing apart the tables and chairs that we use for program activities and meals, to allow for distance between staff and participant and each participant will have their own table to use. We have added tape to the floor to indicate where participants and staff will need to be during program activities, as well as a marked pattern of traffic to move about our center. These markers will serve as a visual reminder about our 6ft rule during program activities and meal time to keep at a safe distance from each other. We have converted a "Quiet Space" to be an individual room for one participant who may need some respite.
Some Full Circle Friday Fun!
As Program Director Mary Branzelle was researching her latest This Day in History Reminisce Program, she happened upon an image that made her pause when she discovered Jay Burkhardt's doppelganger! He was a cricket player in England in the late 1880's! Do you see the resemblance? (W.G. Grace, bearded, center)

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Caregiver Survey - Reminder!
To our current and recent Caregivers - please remember to be on the lookout for your copy of our annual Caregiver Survey in the mail! Please let us know if you have not received it and we will send you another copy.

Thank you for your time in filling out this survey and providing your feedback. We have provided an opportunity for you to let us know how you feel about our response and resources during this Pandemic, as well as our on-site services prior to their suspension due to COVID-19. The answers and data that you provide are vital to our program planning as well as to ensuring we receive community support that is essential to keeping our center thriving to serve you.
Circle Center Online Resources & Support Group
Our programs and activities are designed for connection, interaction and engagement. While we miss Connecting with you each day, please enjoy our online resources and let us know which ones are your favorites. Click HERE to try something new today!

We are hosting our Support Group via ZOOM on Thursdays, from 2:30 - 4pm. Click HERE to learn more and for information on how to join!
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Circle Center News
Sheila Selznick and her children baked challah loaves to celebrate Shavous. Her son even returned to NYC after a 9 week stay with her, and took 35 small loaves with him!
Our individual Montessori kits are coming together! Each participant will receive their own bin that contains materials to complete activities and programs without sharing any resources with others.