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"Storms make trees take deeper roots
-Dolly Parton
Welcome back to  Full Circle,   our weekly newsletter designed to keep you in the know about what’s going on while we are all practicing physical distancing.

It has always been our goal to work towards safely reopening. We have kept abreast of all the latest updates on COVID-19 from the Governor’s office, Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Department of Social Services, our licensing body, and the Centers for Disease Control. We’ve also been in ongoing conversation with other adult day centers throughout the state about a potential reopening and developing common standards that we may apply as we look to provide enhanced safety and health procedures.

We have always understood that we are caring for the population that is most vulnerable, and we are aware the toll this virus has taken on those 65 and older. We also know the effect that physical distancing and isolation for weeks on end has had on our participants and their caregivers. As noted in a recent survey of our caregivers, they responded overwhelmingly that they have seen their loved one decline during the suspension of our on-site services. They also indicated that their stress as a caregiver has increased due to the change in caregiving needs during the pandemic. We are also deeply humbled by the level of trust our participants and their caregivers place in the Center. When asked about their level of concern in placing their loved one in a congregate setting, a majority responded that they trust our staff and trust that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of their loved one while here. 
Thus it is with those considerations in mind, and the development of new procedures and policies in line with the recommendations and guidelines of the Virginia Department of Health for congregate settings, that we are able to move forward to open onsite services beginning Monday, June 22, 2020. In order to implement these new guidelines to ensure the safety and health of those on site, it is necessary to have a phased approach to reopening. Therefore, as much as we would wish to, we are unable to bring back our full daily census right away. Due to physical distancing guidelines, and our population’s stated risk, we will begin phase one with a census of twelve participants daily, spaced in two groups throughout the building. Participants and staff will wear masks, and adhere to other precautionary measures like daily temperature and symptom checks, proper hygiene protocol and 6 foot distancing while in programming.
We understand that our new plans around phased reopening will not meet everyone’s needs right away. However, it remains our first priority to maintain the health and safety of our participants, staff and caregivers. As such we are acting with an abundance of caution as we begin to reopen by strictly adhering to established procedures. For participants unable to return to us at this time, we will continue posting online resources and programming as a resource. We will also continue to stay connected with reassurance calls and help to ensure that families have the resources they need while at home. 
If you’d like to read more about our new procedures in this phased reopening, please click here. We will continue to keep you updated via Full Circle, as well as regular updates via our website and our Facebook page.
Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate this next leg of our journey. We are excited to start down the road towards normalcy again and we look forward to seeing you all along the way.
Be safe. Be well.
Cheers to 20 Years!
It sure seems like the time is ripe for a celebration! Jeanette Thomas is celebrating 20 years with Circle Center as a CNA and she stopped by for a visit, and we surprised her with a small celebration and a token of our appreciation!

Jeanette is known for many things around Circle Center, many of which revolve around her love of our Dress-Up & Spirit Days and celebrations, and of course her beloved Redskins! She is in fact so devoted to our Spirit Days, such as crazy sock day or wear red day , that she will text other staff to make sure they know what to wear and when! Jeanette's enthusiasm and dedication to participant's needs are just some of the hallmarks of her care. She is as famous for her chair exercises and card games as she is for her love of music and dancing, and of course her pride at being a wife and mother.

Thank you Jeanette, for your 20 years of service, and we sure look forward to properly celebrating you with a true Circle Center Social as soon as we are able to! (And we know you will be dressed for the occasion!)
Center Updates
We look forward to offering outdoor programming as we reopen. We have been prepping our outdoor space so it’s ready for our participants! Shout out to Richmond Community Toolbank, Hands On Greater Richmond, and Genworth volunteers for collectively funding and building these wonderful benches.    
A Full Circle Art Update
In a moment that is truly Full Circle, we are thrilled to be the forever home of the photograph we recently featured from Parks Rountree of the James River. It has brought joy to us during these times and now it will bring joy to everyone who walks our halls. Thank you Parks!
The Generosity of Art
We can't believe our luck that that isn't the only generous donation of art we can share with you! This photograph will be taking its place alongside some other generously donated art-work, including two pieces you might already recognize as well as a brand new one!

Janet Taylor, one of Circle Center's former beloved receptionists, recently surprised us with this collage that she created to honor Circle Center! We look forward to finding the perfect home for this special and unique artwork!

As art has always been an integral part of our program, we tend to have a few resident "artists" in our midst, some who have long known of their love and talent, while others discover it during their time at Circle Center. We have a few pieces of beloved art that were donated by our in-house artists over the years.

The artwork adorning our walls are usually a mix of Participant work and donated pieces, that we often rotate. It is just one of the many things that Circle Center such a special and colorful place! We are honored to include these pieces of artwork and thrilled that we are able to enjoy them daily!
"Brown Trout" by former participant and famed Artist and Professor, Richard Kevorkian, has long been a Center favorite!
This original watercolor was donated by the family of former participant Judy Pollard in honor of her time at Circle Center!
The Art of Generosity
We continue to be amazed by and grateful for your support during this time. Thank you this week to two of our Board Members, who once again heard a need and jumped to fill it!

Charles Purvis dropped of a much needed lawn mower and weed whacker, so that we can keep Center grounds clean and manicured, and more importantly ready to safely welcome Participants again!

Norah Knutsen, board member and all around shopper/deal finder, purchased much needed cleaning supplies for the Center. Mop heads, dust pans and brooms! All music to our busy cleaning hands!
Online Resources

Feeling inspired by all of this talk of art? Use the links below to try your hand at some of our Online Art Programs and Resources:

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