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Dear Friends, we hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring time.  Our prayers go out to all who suffer and we send extra prayers to Nepal at this time. 


Here in Munich, each Spring we make an almost daily pilgrimage to visit what we call our "Two Island Swans" looking for the first sighting of the little swanlings. This year feels particularly important for our swans, as last year they lost their swanlings.   When we couldn't find their nest at its usual place and were concerned they left our little lake. But, we found that they simply moved their nest to a new small island. They made a change to break free from the energy of last year's misfortune.  The change made by our swans is a metaphor for this newsletter.


In this newsletter, we focus on the powerful Full Moon that will occur this weekend with an article, a Full Moon meditation based on the astrological themes in the chart for the Full Moon and a video about the Minor Asteroid Iphigenia that is also prominent in this Full Moon. 


Also, we give a heads up to Mercury Retrograde with a bit of a twist.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!


Blessings and peace,


Scott and Sappho Wolfram
The Traveler's Well
 LunarFull Moon - Trust Yourself
May 3, 2015 (late in the evening before midnight in the US)
May 4, 2015 (around 6:00 AM in Europe)

This month's Full Moon is a powerful and fortunate one with the Moon at 13 Scorpio oppose the Sun at 13 Taurus. The source of the power and fortune comes from the exact square of Jupiter at 13 Leo to the Sun and Moon.   This Fixed T-Square holds the key to this Full Moon and we will explore this in a few steps:


  • First, the Axis of Self Worth in a birth chart,
  • Second, the theme associated with the opposition of the Scorpio Moon and Taurus Sun, and
  • Third, the T-Square created by Jupiter in Leo.

Then, we have two videos: 

  • Full Moon Meditation - a calming and inspiring 10 minute meditation based on the themes of this Full Moon.
  • Minor Asteroid Story - we are experimenting with video and have prepared a brief recording on the Minor Asteroid of Iphigenia that is conjunct the Taurus Sun in this Full Moon.


Step One - Fixed Signs and the Axis of Self-Worth


The four fixed signs of the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. As we progress from Taurus to Leo to Scorpio and finally Aquarius, each sign makes a 90 degree or square aspect to the next forming a cross or axis. The axis created by the four fixed signs is called the Axis of Self-Worth, which has two key characteristics:

  • First, this Axis of Self-Worth is connected to how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves is directly related to our level of self-confidence.  The more confident we are the more effective our actions are as confident action is effective action. Alternatively, if we have a weak view of our self-worth and lack confidence, we trust ourselves less, and our actions tend to be less effective.  
  • Second, the signs that comprise the Axis of Self-Worth are considered to be "fixed" and change does not come easily to fixed signs. In fact, one of the words associated with all four of these signs is stubborn.


The goal of the Axis of Self-Worth is for us to build true confidence in ourselves as individuals and to honor what is at the core of our individuality so that we can take effective action. When we lack this acknowledgement of our self-worth, the fixed signs become even more stubborn than they naturally are. You could say that when Fixed Signs are stuck in a rut, they have a tendency to stay there.


However, the fixed signs also share a potential that can help us to break free, to be liberated and to embrace transformation.   In this Full Moon, the key to embracing this potential is to understand what each of the characters (Sun, Moon and Jupiter) truly wants.



Step Two - Taurus Sun oppose the Scorpio Moon


Signs Taurus Sun- In the external world, the Taurus Sun seeks stability and comfort through the ability to be self-sufficient. In the internal world, the Taurus Sun relates to what we truly value. While we each have an individual set of values, we are conditioned by society and family that we should all value the same things in the same way and this creates a challenge when our individual values differ from those society or our family have.


The rut that Taurus can get stuck in is accepting the values of society and denying what is of real value to the individual.


When we have confidence in our own self-worth, we are more likely to embrace our individual personal values and, when we honor our personal values, Taurus the Bull becomes a very happy camper!



Scorpio Moon - The Scorpio Moon is always seeking emotional security, which is why Scorpio demands the need to build trust. The Scorpio Moon always asks "Why?" because it fears being betrayed and emotionally wounded if it does not understand the motives of others as Scorpio knows that motives are often hidden from our eyes.


The rut that Scorpio can get stuck in results from this inability to trust others and the corresponding inability to share what is of deep personal importance with others as sharing can only occur with those we trust.


When Scorpio becomes confident with its own feelings, the path to trusting others opens up.  



Step Three - Fixed T-Square with Jupiter in Leo


Together, the Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon embody the question asked by the Axis of Self-Worth, do I trust myself? Do I trust my values enough to share my feelings and deepen my relationships with others?  


The addition of Jupiter in Leo creates an exact T-Square, which contains tension that is seeking to be resolved. When Jupiter is the handle of the T-Square, the tension comes with a significant opportunity.


Jupiter in Leo is all about self-confidence. Individually, both the sign of Leo and the planet Jupiter are among the most confident, optimistic and potent energies in the zodiac. Jupiter embodies an optimism and vision for the future, while the sign of Leo is filled with the confidence to make it happen.


So, the addition of Jupiter in Leo to this T-Square adds the very quality that the Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon need, which is the confidence in oneself and in your personal values.


This T-Square contains the energy that can become your breakthrough moment!



Putting it all Together - Trust Yourself


This Full Moon is all about the Axis of Self-Worth and building of a new level of trust in yourself!  


You are not fated to be limited by the messages you have received since you were young. Similarly, you are not all fated to share the same interests, values and beliefs you were told to believe. The key is to ask the questions and seek the answers that help you to feel confident in yourself and learn to trust what you find meaningful, what you find to be the truth.  


There is no "one size fits all" version of what we are meant to value and to strive for. If you hear, "everyone wants this", but you do not, try setting that message aside. Instead, ask yourself, "What do I want?" When you clarify what is of true importance to you, your new self-confidence will result in more effective actions and ultimately, to greater happiness, joy and fulfillment. The Fixed T-Square has a message for you:


"Trust yourself. You are worth it!"

MeditationFull Moon Meditation

This was one of my favorite Full Moon meditations to prepare and I hope you find it both calming and inspiring!

Full Moon Meditation - Trust Yourself - May 2015
Full Moon Meditation - Trust Yourself - May 2015

In this Full Moon, the Minor Asteroid Iphigenia is conjunct the Sun in Taurus.  The myth associated with Iphigenia is a myth of identity, values, belonging and true purpose.  I created a brief video to review the myth associated with Iphigenia and what this Minor Asteroid indicates when it is prominent in a birth chart. 

Thanks for your patience as we experiment with other forms of media.  If we keep trying, hopefully it will come more naturally soon!

Minor Asteroid - Iphigenia
Minor Asteroid - Iphigenia

MercuryWhat About Mercury Retrograde?
May 19 to June 11, 2015

We are about to enter our second Mercury Retrograde transit for 2015, which brings me to consider a very important point made by an important American philosopher, Bob Wiley who said 'There are two kinds of people in this world'. Now, if you do not know who Bob Wiley is, don't worry. The point is that there are two kinds of people in this world: those impacted by Mercury Retrograde and those NOT impacted by Mercury Retrograde.


Scott and I belong to the latter group of individuals not impacted greatly by Mercury Retrograde. This means that our problems and pain with scheduling, technology, travel plans, and communication are evenly distributed throughout the year and never focused during Mercury Retrograde. Do things happen to Skype or our calendar during Mercury Retrograde? Yes, but for us, these things tend to happen more at other times. In fact, some of our worst technical disruption times came in the last two months as we struggled to transition to a new internet provider, away from Yahoo Mail and tried to make our web-site mobile ready using our antiquated tools!


For those of you who are impacted by Mercury Retrograde, you experience intensified disruptions because for you these problems come in a cluster, all at once, which intensifies the disruption. As we become more and more dependent upon technology for communication, business transactions, banking, entertainment and socializing, disruptions in 'business as usual' functioning of our technology become magnified and increasing more frustrating.


This Mercury Retrograde period begins on May 19 and continues until June 11, 2015. So, start thinking now about your travel plans and technical needs during this time. If you have a complex schedule during this time, begin to confirm appointments and travel plans now and tie up all loose ends. Also, get your more complex business and financial transactions completed before May 19. Do all you can now to lay a solid foundation because Mercury will have you running quickly and multitasking and before you know it you have a snowball about to create an avalanche. Will this eliminate all disruptions? No. But, it can't hurt.


Then, when Mercury Retrograde hits, take it one step at a time and handle each disruption that comes your way.  However, Mercury never makes that easy.  Mercury will whisper to you (maybe into both ears at the same time) and encourage you to multi-task and try to do everything all at once in a big hurry. As a result, nothing gets resolved easily and you simply feel overwhelmed.  


Remember, Mercury is the trickster God and to him this is fun  


If you do not find this fun, shut your ears to the whispers of Mercury and approach each obstacle that comes your way with some assistance from Jupiter who rules the sign of Sagittarius opposing Mercury in Gemini.  After all, Jupiter is Mercury's father and knows Mercury's antics better than anyone. Unlike Mercury, Jupiter does not whisper; he speaks loudly like lightning and has a singular vision and he is optimistic. This will give you the strength you need to focus on one thing at a time with singular intent and fix it and hopefully make this transit less frustrating.


So, this Mercury Retrograde, try keeping a few of Jupiter's listening bolts handy to fight back!

  • Go Slow
  • Plan Ahead
  • Resolve each disruption with a singular focus
  • Keep your focus on the future and remain optimistic knowing this will pass


P.S. With each Mercury Retrograde, we typically write about this transit as a time of turning inward and evaluating an aspect of life from a difference perspective. By this all of the 're-' words come to mind: rethink, revisit, reconsider, etc. This Mercury Retrograde period is no exception and should also be used as a time of reconsideration to find deeper meaning.

Moon2Full Moon Meditation
May 3, 2015