February 17, 2021
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Celestial Greetings!

Wednesday’s full moon was no ordinary full moon and these are no ordinary times we’re in. Just pulling from the current headlines, we see the power of cosmic forces at work. Coinciding with the full moon, a team-up of Mars and Venus is also of interest, but not nearly as interesting as their next meeting in three weeks, discussed in my latest blog, Zero Degrees Aquarius.
What are the planets up to?

Potent Full Moon Signals a Turning Point
Luminaries in the Limelight

This time, it’s not so much the planets as the “luminaries,” the Sun and Moon, along with the Moon’s Nodes, talking center stage. The Nodes are the intersections of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. When these three bodies align along these intersections, the new and full moons are eclipses, more potent and long-lasting impulses from new moons (seeding times) and full moons (blossoming times). Eclipses occur in a new and full moon pair (and sometimes another of either). Another round of eclipses comes about six months later. Halfway between eclipses, the Sun moves exactly halfway between the Nodes, when it’s said to be “at the bendings.” The nearest full moon (when by definition the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun) can form a cross, more or less, with the Nodes, signaling a major time to shift gears or turn a corner.

At the February 16 full moon, the Moon and Sun are only one degree from being exactly halfway between each of the Nodes, thus forming a nearly perfect (and thus extremely influential) cross. It’s no surprise to find a lot of big things going on in the news, more so than at many full moons. And it’s no surprise that people or events in the news have something in their birth charts contacted by the degrees occupied by the four points of the cross, in this instance, 27-28º of the “Fixed” (mid-season) signs: Leo (Moon), Aquarius (Sun), Taurus (Moon’s North Node) and Scorpio (Moon’s South Node). The Nodes frequently indicate conditions that smack of karma or fate. Fixed signs are often associated with situations that develop over an extended period of time. This Full Moon sees matters that have been going on for a long time coming to a head.

Other Planets of Note

We must also give a nod to Saturn. Two weeks ago, the Moon and Sun were a mere two degrees away from Saturn at the New Moon beginning this lunar cycle. Since then, Saturn has moved those two degrees ahead and is now at the New Moon degree. Saturn is known for many things, law and order, structure and construction, planning and organizing, and in the case of the current Full Moon, it’s showing its power as the Lord of Karma. Saturn rewards good behavior and calls bad actors to task.

Thursday, February 17 is the day Jupiter makes a quick and favorable connection with Uranus. Respectively, they are the planets of luck and surprises, hence a day for lucky surprises. You might find their influence popping up this Saturday night as the Moon is at the apex of a  “Finger of God” triangle with them. That means one weird thing leads to another and then to something good. The Moon’s position in Libra points to close relationships as the arena for the final, positive outcome.

And now, the news stories with amazing Full Moon connections:

In a “legal long shot,” families of the victims in the Sandy Hook mass school shooting, sued the Remington Arms Company and seven years later, they finally achieved a massive settlement and some semblance of accountability. Using a chart for the shooting incident, the current Nodes align with the Nodes and Venus in the event chart. Venus is not only a money planet, but an indicator of values and the country has undergone a battle about competing values of safety versus freedom (and the Second Amendment). In the event chart, the Vertex (a point of being in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time, in other words a fated synchronicity) is within two degrees of the current Full Moon. And minutes before the shooting, when the perpetrator shot his mother (who got him the gun) before heading to the school to mow down 26 people, the fast-moving Vertex would have been even closer to the Full Moon degrees. There may be a chart for Remington Arms, but not finding it, a look at the birth of its founder, Eliphalet Remington (Oct. 28, 1793), shows this Full Moon at his natal Uranus, a planet related to inventions and unusual occurrences. The settlement was the largest ever in a suit against a gun manufacturer.

With a united front, NATO and the US are in a stand-off with Putin, who has troops at the border of Ukraine and a threat of being attacked with heavy sanctions if he invades. In Putin’s chart, the Nodes are crossing the pair of opposite degrees that begin his 2nd and 8th Houses, the sectors of the chart related to one’s own money or resources and other people’s money or resources. He has a point at the doorway to his 2nd House called the Part of Danger & Peril, close to the current Moon’s South Node (a karmic force promoting release or letting go). Also near this degree are Biden’s Sun (leadership) and Venus (teamwork) and he leads the NATO team in the pushback against Putin, threatening financial harm. (There are many contacts between the charts of Biden and Putin that could be a topic for an entire article. Suffice to say, they point to the adversarial relationship and how Biden is thwarting Putin’s sneaky ways.) In the Full Moon chart set in Kiev, the Sun just over a degree from the fateful Vertex (which is location-specific) while the Moon’s North Node is in the 9th House of foreign influence. (Its position in a chart is determined by the location of the place on Earth.)

Prince Andrew, accused of sexual assault, also settled a lawsuit at this Full Moon. It was filed last August, a month in which the full moon was 29º37’ Aquarius, less than two degrees opposite the current one. He has the Sun half a degree past that at 0º of Pisces and he has Chiron at 27º38’ Aquarius, opposed by this Full Moon. His natal Sun-Chiron conjunction shows how its his own actions that end up injuring himself.

Sarah Palin’s lawsuit against The New York Times for damaging her reputation came to an abrupt halt when the judge dismissed the case. The Full Moon’s cross degrees are less than 3 degrees from her Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, rules and falls, also is associated with judges and judgment. Mercury, named for the Messenger of the Gods and associated with what’s in the news or receiving a message, approached her natal Mercury about a degree away. She is likely to appeal the decision so keep your eyes on the next big activation of her Saturn, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 15 at 25º Scorpio, with the Moon and Sun lined up with the Nodes, all in the 90º abrasive relationship with Palin’s Saturn.

Of course, there is always news about Donald Trump. This time, his accounting firm is dropping him and we learn is cooperating in the New York state civil suit. In a chart, the Ascendant or rising degree starting the 1st House indicates oneself, and those who represent us or act on our behalf, such as consultants, lawyers and accountants, are indicated by the Descendant and the 7th House on the opposite, setting side of the chart. This Full Moon has the Moon at Trump’s Ascendant and the Sun at his Descendant, signaling an important culmination of a long-term matter regarding his representatives and him. And it’s him personally (well, also Melania if they filed their taxes jointly), not his company, not his administration nor his campaign. His lawyers are also in the headlines now, subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on January 6. On the radar screen for future full moons, Trump’s birthday on June 14 has a full moon at the degrees of the one under which he was born (and that one was an eclipse, showing how he was destined for big things), with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. It’s part of a “Moon Family” (a chain of related lunar phases discovered by astrologer Dietrech Pessin) that began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in December 2020, right after the states’ certification of the Presidential Election results. The impact of an eclipse is not always apparent at the time of the event itself, often showing its strength later. Factors present at one’s birthday can play out over a period from three months before one’s birthday until nine months afterward. Somewhere in there (and likely close to that birthday full moon), it will be time for accountability or closure regarding how he handled his election loss.


A number of key astrological phenomena occur at zero degrees of Aquarius between 2020 and 2024, including a Venus-Mars conjunction March 6.
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