Guided Hands Presents
A Virtual Full Moon Meditation-Activation

A Meeting of the Masters ~
Energy Experience

Within this Global Transformational Period, we are Experiencing and witnessing many different changes in our lives. Amidst the impasse, is a Divine and Masterful Plan that is unfolding. As we continue to Rise in this ascensional process, the Truth shall be revealed. Staying in Stillness allows for the softening of an old and hardened construct to break free. Remaining in balance, holding space and praying for peace is a great way to release the divisions, that shall lead us towards the unison of all that is. 

Within these great changes, we are Assembling in a Co-Collective and Co-Creative Energy Experience to re-open the Inner Sanctum of our Embodiments. The Temples of the I Am, and the true Existence of Who We Are.  We’ve lived in very diverse and complex worlds for a very long time. Each lifetime, soul groups try to enhance and direct their positive energies into the improvements of Gaia, Mother Earth and Nature. It is up to each one of us to be accountable for our thoughts and actions. Whether we remember or not, we did agree to reincarnate into this lifetime as a Spiritual Soul Group, in a type of Spiritual Contract to help get it right! It is time to Shine the Living Light that Beams within each one of us. As we are Conjoined Collectively, we are the House of Light that offers this New Earth a Magical Myriad of New Experiences, of greater health, wealth and balance. 

Full Moon Meditation-Activation ~

Within the Light of the Full Moon, we will be reunited with our benevolent Ascended Masters, as we Meet in the Mountains Retreat.

In this Energy Experience Initiation, we will be offered a Soul Infusion of Key Codes, that will begin to upgrade our energetic system in the continual conversion process of our physical bodies to our Light Bodies.

We will get up close and personal with the Ascended Master’s who will Teach us, Guide us, and Gift us from the Key Codes that will be offered. In the initiation process, we can undress the old and negative, and immediately replace it with the Light Cloth of Simplicity, a gift of the ministry in which we serve.  We can also release the connectivity that we’ve had with the souls who have contributed to dis-harmonic acts throughout lifetimes of despair. We can receive these Key Codes that will anoint and bless our soul in forgiveness and Love. 

Blessings to thee.

***Note regarding the TIME for the VIRTUAL Full Moon Meditation

Although this Full Moon Meditation is offered at 7:30 P.M. YOUR TIME , it may also be received at " any time " for your own Personal Convenience . This way, no matter what TIME ZONE you live in, you can be a part of this Masterful Meditation-Activation. We would love Everyone to be given the chance to receive. Thank you.

All registrants will receive a Pre-Recorded Guided Meditation Audio Activation, in the assistance of your Full Moon Energy Experience .

What:           Full Moon Meditation-Activation Transmission

When:          Thursday, May 7 th

Where:         In your OWN PERSONAL SPACE

Time:           7:30 p.m. YOUR TIME
                   Or…at your own Personal Convenience

Cost:            Donation 

***Donation can also be made from Venmo or Zelle, please contact me for payment links. Thank you.
Mary Martin Medium

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Thank you and Blessings.

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