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Full Moon on Saturday   

March 19th at 2:10 pm est 


It is with shock and dismay that I write this Moon Letter. I don't even know how to wrap my head around the disaster in Japan. A triple whammy of horrific events that leave me and much of the world stunned. I want to use this Moon Letter to try to make sense out of it.  As horrible as the earthquake and tsunami are, it is the potential nuclear power meltdown that has me most concerned. Last month I talked about the planet Uranus moving into the sign of  Aries and I used the heading: Let the chaos begin! Uranus actually entered Aries on the day of the earthquake, and the planet Uranus rules nuclear power. I think you can see why my head is spinning. Thank heavens for the opportunity for compassion created by this Full Moon and the start of Spring. I think these energies will provide some much needed relief and help.
In peace,
This Month
Uranus in Aries
Full Moon in Virgo
Spring Equinox
Lilan Laishley, Ph.D.

Uranus enters Aries - Upheaval

towerWhen I heard of the nuclear crisis in Japan I thought of the planet Uranus and this image of the Tower. Uranus moved from the zodiac sign of Pisces into the unpredictable and powerful sign Aries on the exact day of the earthquake. This image is from the Tarot, and represents the planet Uranus. It shows a sudden catastrophic event that destroys a tower and sends a man and a woman falling uncontrollably into an unknown future. Notice how similar the tower in this card looks like a nuclear power tower, and pause to digest the fact that the fire and destruction aren't just symbolic, but very very real, and very very dangerous. But what I have always loved about this card, and by association, Uranus, is that the sudden upheaval and chaos brings with it an opportunity to look at our life and see what needs to be changed. The tower represents the structures we have built that are so solid and ensconsed in our thinking that only something really radical will make us reconsider whether what we have built is necessary.
The nuclear crisis in Japan is our Uranian wakeup call to rethink the nuclear option. I realize that nuclear power is now being seriously considered as the alternative to fossil fuels, which are contributing to global warming and hastening the destruction of our environment. President Obama, who supports the nuclear option, even used Japan as an example of nuclear done right. The issue of what to do with nuclear's incredibly toxic waste had taken a back seat to our demand for energy. I was open minded and thought that nuclear might be a good choice, since our dependency on oil has such a high price in oil spills and support of global dictators. For an inside look at both see the documentary The Naked Option: A Last Resort. And the environmental destruction associated with coal, so visibly seen in mountain top removal that destroys mountains almost overnight that took over a million years to makeseems just too great. And the rush for natural gas, as seen in the frantic push to bring natural gas to the surface through fracking, destroys one precious and limited resource, water, to create another. It reminds me of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Fracking also appears to be connected to earthquakes, as seen by the increase in earth tremors near a fracking site in Arkansas. The documentary Gasland is a sobering look into that possible future.


So, nuclear looked like it might work, and I thought that surely our ability to build nuclear power plants had evolved since the 1970's. There is a energy bill being considered in Congress now that calls for the creation of 200 more nuclear power plants by 2040, a mere 29 years away. And the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has 19 proposals for building plants in front of it right now. This could ultimately mean an average increase of over 4 nuclear power plants per state, in addition to the ones we already have. Is there a nuclear power plant near you? Check out this map to find out.


This is our wake up call. Nature is giving us a chance to reconsider what future we want to create. The nuclear disaster in Japan could be happening anywhere, even in your neighborhood. And the fallout of a nuclear disaster can be carried through jet streams and wind currents to all over the world. We are really a very small and very fragile planet, and it is time for us to understand that our economic and human resources need to be spent on building a sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, for the next seven generations. We need to quit spending our resources on building weapons to kill each other in senseless wars. Mother Nature seems to be able to cause more destruction overnight, making all the wars we are fighting seem like turf wars among fire ants - very toxic, quite painful, but in the end, small power struggles full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Let us change our vision of the future, of our use of energy, of our relationships with other countries, of our commitment to the world. Now is the time, before it is too late.

Full Moon in Virgo ~ Loving Compassion


Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin

This month the Sun is in Pisces, so the Moon is in the opposite sign of Virgo. Pisces and Virgo are two very different energies. Pisces represents our desire to become one with the divine. It is the sign of poets, mystics, and goddesses. For Pisces, the physical world is seen in spiritual terms as an arena where we experience events as grist for the mill of enlightenment. Virgo, on the other hand, cares about the proper functioning of the earth, and takes great care and concern for the proper care of all things physical. Like a loving gardener, Virgo wants to be sure that the ground is rich and fertile so that the fruit of our earthly labors are the best they can be.

The Full Moon is an opportunity to find balance between the spiritual longings of Pisces and the practical considerations of Virgo. This is the perfect Full Moon to help us bring some balance to the catastrophic events in Japan. These types of natural and human disasters can create a feeling of helplessness, and even hopelessness. We need to be reminded of the fact that we are spiritual beings living inside of physical bodies, and that we always have the spiritual source for comfort and help.


Kuan Yin, the goddess of compassion, is the perfect embodiment for this Kuan yin 2Full Moon. She is a goddess who knows the pain and suffering of humanity. She understands our needs, and hears our cries for help. She is often depicted with a small vessel and a willow stick. In the vessel she captures the tears of humanity and transforms them into a healing balm which she pours into the oceans, and disperses throughout the world with the willow. She takes our pain, and transforms it to healing. She is similar to other goddesses of compassion, such as Tara, Isis, and Mary.


To Do: Anytime from Thursday through Saturday, take some time to turn your troubles over to the divine feminine. Like a wonderful and loving mother, she will listen to you with no judgment, and soothe your pain. If you have a statue of Kuan Yin, you can light a candle to her, and ask her to help heal the wounds of Japan. You can see her take the toxic energy of the nuclear power plant and put it in her vessel, where she transforms it to healing energy for the world. Feel your own heart lighten. Fill yourself up with compassion. Sense the sufferings in Japan and see the Japanese people surrounded with love and care. Contact the Red Cross and send what you can to help them recover from the greatest nuclear disaster since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Imagine this world, interconnected with energy lines that connect all of us, one to the other, in love and compassion. Shift your focus to what is really important in life.


This month the Moon is orbiting at its closest point to the earth in nearly 20 years. Called a Supermoon, this closeness will increase the gravitational pull between the Earth and Moon, making the connection between them even stronger. It will mean, among other things, a spectacular Full Moon. It will be 14% larger and 30% brighter than a normal Full Moon. There is debate whether the greater gravitational pull of a Supermoon is linked to an increase of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.

Spring has Sprung! March 20 at 7:21 pm est

Aries imageThe first day of Spring arrives on Saturday, and just in the nick of time. After the hard and harsh winter we have all had, we can use some warm and fresh energy. Spring occurs when the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Aries, in this case on Saturday March 20th. Aries signifies new beginnings and the power to push new growth from a cold ground.


I think this image represents the energy of Spring. We all know spring is a time for love, so visibly seen in the mating and nesting of the birds and the reproduction of bunnies. The man and woman mating in this image not only symbolize that very physical reality, but also the conjunction of male and female is a very old and powerful alchemical symbol that represents the blending of the masculine and feminine energies within. This leads to a new birth in each individual. The new birth of spring, either spiritual or physical, is represented by the egg, the container of all things new. We bring in the rebirth of Christ with an egg hunt. The date of Easter changes every year with the date of the Spring Equinox. Easter occurs on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, this year on April 24th.


To Do: Take some time on the first day of Spring to think about your intention for the new birth you want in your life. What is it that you want to bring into manifestation? What does your egg contain? What will it take for you to build the nest that will support its growth? And what will it look like once your intention hatches into a new and fledgling life?

Lilan Laishley, Ph.D. Astrologer & Educator 

Lilan ordination

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