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Day 1 will address the changing relationship between energy producers and consumers. You will hear from community and business leaders about strategies for protecting energy security in the face of natural disasters, inadequate infrastructure, and digitalisation. Join us as we uncover what the power producers of the future look like.
Day 2 is dedicated to understanding new age power consumers. These energy consumers are more engaged than ever before and will soon be at the centre of future energy markets. This day holds valuable insight into how data centres, cryptocurrency, agriculture, and electric transportation will be the core structures of what is being referred to as Society 5.0.
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Day 1: November 5
New Energy Markets
A New Energy Marketplace:
The World's First Decentralised Energy Exchange
There is a new energy marketplace emerging where you have control over the flow of electricity, information, and money. This presentation introduces the audience to the world’s first Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX). Hailing from Australia, this exchange has partnered with 100 organizations including major utilities, leading technology brands, and industry bodies.
New Platforms for Energy Transactions
Increasing demand for flexible energy transactions has ignited a transformation that alters the way we think about consumption. This session delves into the latest platforms for hyper-connected prosumers and transactive microgrid structures.
Modern Distribution Utilities: Serving Customers of the Future
A host of new players have added complexity to the energy marketplace, forcing utilities to explore new strategies to enhance customer service by delivering a more personalised experience, lower costs, and self-service solutions. This panel offers insights into new business models and partnerships that are paving the way for modern utilities.
Creating Resilient Energy Infrastructure for Island Communities
Keeping the Lights on Against All Odds
Natural disasters, accessibility, and inadequate infrastructure threaten many parts of the world, especially rural and island communities. When these economies face hardships, energy security becomes one of the most pressing challenges. This unique panel will explore some of the development goals, innovative partnerships, and business models that are ensuring access to resilient, affordable, and sustainable energy.
Business Brokering Event
Find the partners that your organisation needs to get your project off the ground! This highly structured and facilitated brokering session ensures maximum business development and lead generation. Whether you are seeking capital or filling a technology gap, this session will cater to your needs!
The Rise of Digital Cities and Microgrids
As societies continue to make technological advancements, microgrids and digital interoperability have emerged as essential components of community design. Digital cities are equipped with information and communication platforms that support the integration and optimisation of decentralised energy systems. Hear from leading experts about the latest technology and lessons learned from global showcase projects.
Day 2: November 6
21st Century Energy Consumers
The Revolution No One is Talking About: Power for Data Centres
As the internet continues to grow, so do the needs of data centres and the power required to run them. Current trends forecast that information and communications technology (ICT) will exceed 20% of the global electricity demand by 2032 with data centres representing more than one-third of this. This presentation will provide the audience with the latest technological advancements in data centre sustainability including new operation strategies, waste minimisation, and multi-site performance optimisation.
AI for Sustainable Data Centre Architecture
As organisations start to turn to data-driven business models to execute high-impact decisions, integrating AI and on-site energy into data centres will be mission critical. Gartner speculates that 30% of data centres that don’t deploy AI and machine learning won’t be operationally or economically feasible by 2020. This session describes data centre platform architecture and presents the latest intelligence on how hyperscale computing, AI, and machine learning can reduce power demands and optimise energy management in data centres.
Power Implications for Cryptocurrency
With cryptocurrencies gaining popularity, electricity requirements to support computing power for these currencies continues to skyrocket. According to several reports, the Bitcoin network alone consumes more energy than multiple countries. This presentation will dive into the impacts that digital currencies have on the environment and if they can pivot to become more sustainable as they continue to evolve.
Decentralised Networks for System Security and Resiliency
Energy networks are undergoing a transformational change triggered by the advancement of DERs and ICT. The decentralisation of networks promises solutions that improve efficiency, transparency, and trust in the marketplace. This session will provide thought provoking ideas regarding the use of modern distributed networks to improve the cybersecurity of decentralised energy systems and microgrids.
Business Brokering Event
The day two facilitated brokering session will build on the day one session and help you focus your business development opportunities for greater success.
Agritecture in Smart Communities
Energy demand in Canada’s agricultural sector saw an increase of 50% between 1990 and 2016 and is continuing to rise. As the population grows and demand for local food increases, so does the uptake of technology required for ‘smart greenhouses’, which creates new energy demands for the power sector. This presentation looks at sustainable ‘agritecture’ solutions that are more resilient to natural disasters and can provide year-round fresh food options, zero waste, and reduced energy consumption.
Agile Digital Strategies in Electric Transportation
Transportation is undergoing a fundamental transformation prompted by the development of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and mobility-as-a-service. New transportation technologies are critical in supporting tomorrow’s population hubs and economic activity. This presentation provides the latest insights into digital strategies related to electric transportation and impacts on energy consumption and system efficiencies.
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