Monday, May 23rd, 2022
In Person or Zoom
St Barnabas
11:30am Pre Meeting/12 noon Meeting
A Conversation with Futurist Bob Johansen from the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley

Bob Johansen has been a practicing futurist for almost fifty years. He is the former president of the Institute for the Future, the longest running futures think tank in the world.

As a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute, he leads custom forecasts for organizations around the world, helping them prepare for and shape their futures. Some of these corporations include Nestle, Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, UPS, Hill’s Pet Sciences, and WestRock (the world’s largest paper company)

Bob is the author or co-author of 12 books, including Full-Spectrum Thinking: How to Escape Boxes in a Post-Categorical Future (Berrett-Koehler, 2020).

We will have an interactive conversation with Bob that illustrates key principles from his latest book, “Full Spectrum Thinking”—a mix of skills and a mindset for individuals, communities, and organizations, such as Rotary, to think about and prepare for the future. We will give examples of how corporations use “future-back” thinking as a powerful way of creating and shaping their futures.

Bob holds a B.S. from the University of Illinois, which he attended on a basketball scholarship, and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University—as well as a master’s degree that focused on world religions.
Meeting ID: 882 7682 6847
Passcode: 400332
05/30/2022: No Meeting

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New Member Profile Featuring: Tracie Waxman

Please tell us where you are from:
My name is Tracie Waxman. I was born and raised in Sacramento, California. 

Please tell us about your professional history:
I spent my professional career as a deputy public defender in Fresno County, California. My caseload over the years covered the gamut of defending shoplifters to accused murderers. My favorite part of my job was finding interesting legal questions and running the appropriate motions to make sure that all of our constitutional rights are being honored and protected.  

What would you like to include about your family? 
I have been married 26 years to my wonderful husband Michael, a semi retired retina surgeon, and I have a 24 year old daughter Sarah who lives in Albany, New York and is an apprentice craft brewer.

What are your committee interests?
I have been enjoying working on the greeter committee and am looking forward to my first Rotary Auction. 

Please let us know about your favorite pastimes:
In my spare time, I enjoy my volunteer work at the Chamber of commerce.  But, I will drop almost anything for a fun game of Bridge. Other than that, my home remodel, playing golf, and being vice president of the BI Woman’s club take up the the rest of my week. I love reading murder mysteries.

Favorite quote: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
75th Anniversary
Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Commemorative

Saturday, May 21st, 2022 at 12:30 PM
Waypoint Park
591 Winslow Way E

Featured Speaker: Blair King, City Manager & Rotarian

Special guest: Rotarian Jim Chapel will be coming up from California for this event.

Developed by artisans at the BARN, and facilitated by the City of Bainbridge island, the 75th Anniversary bronze commemorative piece be will be installed at the Waypoint.
75th Rotary Anniversary 
Bench Program

Last day to order is June 1st

Want your own Bainbridge Island Park Bench for generations to come? You will be helping to renovate the Rotary Skateboard Park. Just click on the link to order a bench. It is https://www.birotary.com.

Any questions? Please contact Tom Lindsley. tom@lindleys.us. Each bench is $1,000. Tom will send you information on available bench locations.This offer is available to all current and past BI Rotarians while supplies last.
This is BIG!
This is FUN! 
June 4th, 2022
3:45pm Arrive 
4:30 - 6:30pm Program
Northside of Battle Point Park Observatory
The Annual Demotion Get Together
for our
President, Tom McCloskey 
and the passing of the gavel to
President-Elect Vince DiCarolis
It's best to enter the park from Battle Point Park Road NE and park behind the observatory and near the ball field.
Bring a folding chair, umbrella, blanket, food and drink (just for yourself).
Laughter and entertainment provided by The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island!
The Fellowship Committee
is hosting
an event to the 
Holocaust Center for Humanity 
on May 22nd, 2022. 

We will have a group walking to the 
Holocaust Center for Humanity and
organizing rides for others. 
Tour starts at 11:00am.
Anyone interested should RSVP to 
Did You Know?

You can find out what's happening by going to our club website and finding the calendar. (www.bainbridgeislandrotary.org

The zoom link is on the calendar for all the programs for your convenience.

Click HERE to check out the calendar for yourself.
Rotary Cares
Need help or want support from your fellow club members? 
Please contact Rotary Cares
Vicki Browning vickibrowning@comcast.net
Robin Goldston robingoldston10@gmail.com
May Birthdays

Sana Bagersh 2nd

Jim Hopper 4th

Duane Whitaker 6th

Dirk Smith 19th

Sara Bryant 31st
Please collect your lids!

This little girl, named Jennifer, is battling cancer in Mexico. She is pictured with some of the plastic lids that the Crossroads Rotary Club has donated with help from the Poulsbo and Silverdale Rotary Clubs. 

A charity in Mexico sells the lids to be melted down and used to make more items. The funds are used to help with the medical expenses of children battling cancer.

If you want to help, start collecting your plastic lids - water bottles, juice bottles, detergent or shampoo lids etc. Feel free to give your collection to Joanne Croghan either at a meeting or by dropping off at her condo in Winslow.
May Member Club Anniversaries

Dick Brown 2010
Meg Burkett 2021
Pat Callan 2019
Robin Goldston 2010
Augustine Lujan 2019
Daryl Schei 1991
John Spuller 2011
Paula Weissinger 2018

Fellow Rotarians and Auction Supporters - Our Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale needs you.

Please sign up for a shift (or multiple shifts) with the Green Team.

Why the Green Team? Because Rotary stands for environmental stewardship and our Green Team is cutting-edge and top notch. And it’s fun! Please sign up for one or more 2-hour shifts HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact Rosemary Shaw phoebepup@htomail.com.
The Auction & Rummage Sale Video Promo
The official Auction & Rummage Sale video promo has arrived for this summer's blockbuster!

The Link to The Auction & Rummage Sale Video Promo is HERE !

Cast of thousands, local celebrities and more...
Critics say, "This is on a scale never seen before...", "Not to be missed!", and "Get the popcorn!"

Thanks to our Sponsors!

The Poulsbo Rotary Club is once again holding our Viking Tour Bike Ride coming up on Sunday, May 22nd, and are asking you to help spread the word to your club members.

This year, we're also introducing a public BREW FEST to the event. This means that your club members (and friends, and family) can come hang out WITHOUT RIDING in the bike ride! We'll have over half a dozen breweries represented, as well as wine and cider. We'll also have multiple food vendors on site!

When: Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
Where: Centennial Park, Poulsbo (near the Doctor's Clinic)
Bike Ride starts at 9am and is $60 to enter.
Brew Fest is open from 11am-6pm and is free to enter!

For more info: www.poulsbovikingtour.com
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Are you interested in our environment and wonder what you can do personally to minimize your impact and make meaningful changes to reduce the impact of climate change? If so, you ought to join our Club’s Environmental Working Group (EWG). 

We are comprised of about 14 members, with very diverse backgrounds and interests who strongly believe we need to take action now to protect us and future generations from the extreme impacts of climate change.  

We are currently evaluating the requirements and details for joining the City of Bainbridge Island’s (COBI’s) CLIMATE SMART CHALLENGE. This is a city-sponsored effort to help residents identify specific actions they can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

COBI has set up this challenge to encourage creativity and competition to find ways to continuously reduce our footprints so COBI can ultimately meet their goal of 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. This is an ambitious goal, but we think our Rotary Club can make a significant contribution to meeting this important goal.

More information on joining this challenge will be available at a future meeting or you can contact Winifred Perkins at winifredperkins25@gmail.com.

EWG Members: Winifred Perkins, Clay Spears, Darlene Madenwald, Dirk Smith, Ed Gilbert, Fred Hoffer, Heather Church, Judy Romann, Terry Kerby, Marina Wildsmith, Roan Blacker, Rosemary Hollinger, and Stephen Chupik.
The communiqué is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor.
Any public question involving the welfare of the community, the nation, and the world is a proper subject of fair and informed discussion.
Proud to be a Rotarian
“Don't laugh at me, Don't call me names, Don't get your pleasure from my pain...”
Does this message resonate with you? Does it make you sad or mad? Could it be motivating and inspiring for you to be kinder to others? Do you want to learn more?
As a new Rotarian, I was attending my first District 5020 meeting in Victoria, BC last weekend. At the second day opening session, the local Rotarian club introduced an affiliated nonprofit organization called REACH and had them give us a presentation.
“Someday we will all have perfect wings...”
REACH is a music and performing arts group that promote multi-cultural music and singing groups that combine “abled” and “differently- abled” youth and adult performers. These programs are designed to bring meaning, healing and unity to participants in the community.
They shared a video of these individuals performing the song “Don’t Laugh at Me”, an original country song from 1998. The video link is below and it’s only a little over three minutes long.
The message they presented spoke of diversity, inclusion, humility, respect and a joyous sense of community. A message that resonated with me is that the work of equity and inclusion is ongoing but brings unexpected rewards to all.
This is also what Rotary can mean and become. It's a reminder for us to embrace the principles of treating all with respect and to truly embrace the diversity within our community. Demonstrate kindness and acceptance to all we meet .
We may even find and support groups like Reach that might exist in our own communities . Or maybe we could develop a similar program of our own?
So, it appears that one single opening session can have a personal impact. The power of a simple message can be real. Described in three short lines:
“Don’t laugh at me. Don’t call me names. Don’t get your pleasure from my pain...”
Be well,
Gary Hufford
Rotary Club of Bainbridge Rotary
Video of the REACH group attached HERE.
Chuck Everett introduces grant recipients
Grant recipient: West Sound Chorus
Grant recipient: Matt Longmire, BPA
Grant recipient: Matt Longmire, BPA
Grant recipient: Emily Criss FYSS
Grant recipient: KIAC, Kimberly Cizek Allen
Grant Recipient: Cathi Fox-Bibby Eastside Baby Corner & Melanie Magnenat EBC- West Sound
Grant Recipient: Assistance dogs NW: Maureen Maurer
Tom kicking off the meeting...
Tom L teasing Tom M
Auction updates with Rosemary Shaw
Thank you to our sponsors!
Gary Hufford, Michael Camp and Darwin Husa
at District 5020 Conference in Victoria 
Wings of Hope Cards Artist Trading Cards displayed at the District 5020 Rotary Conference in Victoria make a big splash.
Bainbridge Island Rotary is the only Rotary Club in a District of 95 Clubs to be creating these individual works of art and good feeling. 
District Governor Lorna Curtis gets an original 1957 Polio Stamp Artist Trading Card from Joanne Croghan
Original 1957 Polio stamp on artist trading card goes to polio survivor: Terry & Joan Toone is involved with the Rotary polio effort. Joanne Croghan gave Terry and his wife (a polio survivor) one of the cards. 
Honoring Those Who Helped Fight Polio (3 cent 1957 stamp)
Rotary exchange students head off with their artist trading cards to share
Many happy artist trading card recipients
Bainbridge student (Missy) heading off to Taiwan
These two know how to have fun. Don and Joanne at District
Auction & Rummage Sale SOLD sticker party! The prep has begun in earnest but with laughter...
“Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so. Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.”
― Henry David Thoreau