August 2017

Multicyl customers know we recognize the value that modular tooling like the Unipunch system brings to manufacturing companies. 

We now offer a full range of standard Multicyl "Press in a Box" packages designed to work with specific tools from the Unipunch product line. 

Shown below is our MC A Series Package which can power any A series unit below 3" wide and which requires under 5 tons. This particular unit is using a 4A2-1/2 unit to punch 16ga steel. Whether its A series, B series, hole punching, tube piercing, or notching we now have a standard Multicyl package to suit.  

Of course, as always we also do custom press packages of all types. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all or need a quote for a Multicyl press to power your Unipunch application.

Click on the picture below to see our video on Multicyl and Unipunch applications or click here to see Unipunch's video.

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