February 2017
Fuller Lips and Fuller Hair
A More Natural Solution for Lip Enhancements 

Juvederm Volbella
For patients looking to enhance their lip shape and reduce fine lines around the lips there is a new and very natural looking treatment option available here at Rejuvé called Juvéderm Volbella® XC This is the newest FDA approved HA (hyaluronic acid) filler for the lips and perioral rhytids (lines around the mouth better known as smoker's lines).

Juvéderm Volbella ® XC looks so natural, people don't typically notice when someone has had a treatment. Whether a patient is looking to add a natural looking fuller lip contour, or is looking to remove small lines around the mouth, Juvéderm Volbella ® XC not only looks more natural than previous treatments available, but it lasts longer as well. Past treatment options typically lasted for between four to five months, and Juvéderm Volbella ® XC lasts for approximately one year, making it an obvious choice.

Why choose JuvédermVolbella® XC?
For patients who have been looking for more youthful yet subtle lips, or who desire to fill in fine lines around the lips caused by smoking or aging, Juvéderm Volbella ® XC may be the perfect solution. Since Juvéderm Volbella ® XC is done by injection and does not require extensive surgeries or painful anesthesia, it is done as a simple in office procedure. Patients choosing Juvéderm Volbella ® XC are back to their usual activities with virtually no down time. One of the other best features of this new lip filler is that it has the least amount of swelling the next day due to its HA composition. Swelling was a main complaint by some patients which tried other HA fillers in the past, so this is a welcome breakthrough.

While some lip enhancement procedure have gotten a bad reputation for producing an unnatural appearance often referred as "duck" or "fish" lips, with Juvéderm Volbella ® XC the patient does not appear to have had a dramatic procedure at all. Instead, they appear to have moderately fuller lips, less fine lines around the mouth, and a more youthful appearance.

Patients considering Juvéderm Volbella ® XC should call our office for a consultation. We will review the patient's desired results and then assess whether Juvéderm Volbella ® XC might be the right choice. A patient interested in discussing their options should give us a call at (408) 740-5320 and we can set up an appointment to discuss the next steps.

Reduce Fat Without Invasive Procedures 
A newer option is available for patients suffering from stubborn fat loss that does not involve lengthy surgeries or painful procedures. Patients who have previously rejected the idea of liposuction, or are looking for a less invasive procedure option should consider body contouring - a new method of fat reduction available here at Rejuvé.
Body Contouring
What is body contouring?
Body contouring refers to the removal of both skin and fat after a patient has lost a substantial amount of weight. Sometimes stubborn deposits of fat stick around, even though the patient has reached their target goal weight. For these patients it can be frustrating when they are unable to achieve the aesthetic results from their weight loss that they desire. That's when body contouring can be a helpful alternative. A minimally invasive procedure, body contouring can eliminate those pockets of fat without the significant amount of downtime typically experienced when choosing an option like liposuction.
How to decide between liposuction and body contouring?
For patients who are trying to decide between liposuction and body contouring there are a few things to consider. First of all, if the patient is at, or close to, their desired weight and is just unable to reduce those stubborn areas of fat, then a non-invasive procedure might be more appropriate. Typically, liposuction is for those situations where a patient needs to reduce a larger number of pounds. Liposuction is a surgical procedure and as such, it requires more recovery time. Of course, you should always discuss any medical procedure with your doctor before moving forward.
Body contouring can be a great alternative for those patients that want to target particular trouble spots and not overall weight loss. While body contouring is less invasive, patients should be advised that multiple treatments may be necessary before they achieve the desired result.

Are you interested in finding out if body contouring is right for you?
Here at Rejuvé we offer several body contouring options  like CoolSculpting and Sculpsure for patients who are interested in less invasive fat reduction. In order to assess which body contouring procedure would be right for a particular patient, we advise that the patient call us at   (408) 740-5320 to set up a consultation. 

Hair Restoration the Natural Way 
Hair loss in women can be a sensitive topic. Whether the hair loss is brought on by hormonal changes, such as postpartum side effects, or whether it is stress induced, or even genetic, the loss of one's hair can lower confidence, and can often cause confusion due to a lack of information available. 
The reality is, there are many factors that can cause hair loss in women. Some of the most common are stress, hormonal changes, aging, genetics, and in some cases even over-styling the hair. While it is not talked about as often as male hair loss, the reality is that female hair loss is common. Thanks to a newly available product, not only can female hair loss be restored, but it can also be done safely and naturally.
Introducing Nutrafol
Nutrafol is a natural and patented product that is proven to provide significant results in hair restoration, without the nasty side effects that are often present with other hair restoration treatments. Since it utilizes only natural ingredients, it is perfectly safe for women who are experiencing hair loss and are looking for a restoration solution. 
Nutrafol is formulated with patented, standardized and clinically tested ingredients. Together these ingredients work to restore hair health, boost health and well-being, and each ingredient fulfills its specific and targeted goal.

As an example, here are a few of the clinically tested and patented ingredients found in Nutrafol:
  • Saw Palmetto, which can reduce harmful male hormones (testosterone)
  • EvnolMax, which is a form of Vitamin E and promotes hair growth
  • Biocurcumin, which is both an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant 
  • Sensoril Ashwaganda, which reduces the stress hormone Cortisol
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid, which improve moisture and rebuild the structural integrity of the hair follicle environment
  • Cynatine® HNS, which is a keratin that helps provide the building blocks of hair 
To view a full list of all the ingredients, we invite you to view the Nutrafol website.
Nutrafol begins by controlling the inflammation that often accompanies hair loss. It also nourishes the hair and stimulates the hair growth cycle. By combating these various factors in hair loss, and by helping to prevent some of the hormonal changes that can cause loss of hair, Nutrafol patients have been seeing significant results in their hair restoration efforts.

There is also a male formula available for male partners who are seeking a natural supplement for hair loss. 

For patients that are interested in finding out if Nutrafol is the right solution to help them stop hair loss and start the process of hair restoration, we invite them to give us a call at (408) 740-5320 to set up a consultation and to take advantage of our current special offer. 


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