We are truly living in an amazing time - a time so filled with changes, challenges and transformation. Many of the old reference points we had in the past are not valid any longer. Every moment we are invited to meet life in a new way.

We look at this in our own lives too and wonder how YOU might be doing with it? To meet these daily challenges with trust and an open heart is not easy. We recognize a call for a radical new awareness and consciousness, one that is not based on separation but on unification and trust. How are we going to manifest this?!
We believe that only by deepening our alignment with ourselves and consciousness are we able to create new possibilities to meet life as it offers itself to us, moment to moment.

We truly believe that the key lies in this new inner connection that allows for a deeper state of harmony and happiness to arise naturally within us. We are here with you walking on this sacred path of self-discovery, healing and deep inner transformation.

We would love to support you more on your healing journey. In this Spirit we warmly invite you to our upcoming events and look forward to seeing you soon! 

Your Fully Alive Team
Hasso and Sasha

Yi Qi Healing Circle

June 14th, 2015, 12:30-3:30pm
Yoga Garden , San Anselmo

In a Yi Qi Healing Circle we gather as a community of like-minded people to co-create a powerful healing Qi field to invoke core healing. 

When we sit together in deep alignment, with our hearts and minds wide open, an extraordinary healing potential spontaneously arises. 

In this field of utter coherence healing occurs naturally. When our body, Qi and consciousness are aligned with the infinite healing Qi field miracles happen.

No previous experience needed. Come as you are and receive the gift of Qi and Heart Consciousness.

At the door $55
Pre-paid $45


Healing Explorations
Every Tuesday in June, 6:30-8:00pm
  Fully Alive, San Rafael

This is an invitation towards deeper healing. Come and experience profound healing modalities that transform your life!


What we will be sharing with you:

* Soma Unwinding (a healing process integrating structural bodywork with deep emotional balancing): Transform your physical and emotional posture into better alignment and open into new possibilities of well-being... 

Chi Nei Tsang
(Applied Abdominal Qigong to the Inner Organs): Reclaim your core connection to your belly, your place of vulnerability and power and enhance your capacity to digest life in a deeper way... 
 A form of clinical kinesiology (advanced muscle testing) that offers a sensible path to optimal health, guided by your body's own intelligence... 


Please RSVP as space is limited  

Contribution: Be our guest!

Yuan Gong Qigong

5-WeekSeries  Tuesday afternoons: 4:30-5:45pm, starting June 9th
Yoga Garden, San Anselmo

If living a fuller life, filled with more Qi and a deeper alignment with your heart-consciousness is something you feel called to cultivate in your life, then this class series is for you!

During this series of classes we will systematically open up every part of  our body and its correlating meridian systems.

This practice will not only raise your life energy and vitality but will also help you access a deeper sense of contentment within yourself. Ren Yuan, the third method of Yuan Gong works primarily on the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, bones and also directly helps you replenish your Organ Qi. 


No prior Qigong experience is needed. All ages and all levels are welcome.



Series: $75, drop-in classes: $18
Note: If you have to miss a class you can take it during the next cycle. 




"To cultivate a remarkable outcome a remarkable effort has   to be made too!"
- Yuan Tze             
Sacred Movement
Friday June 26th, 6:30-8pm
Yoga Garden, San Anselmo


Sacred Movement is a meditation practice that invites you to connect with the wisdom of your body and allows you to experience the profundity of how  movement heals. 


By attuning to your inner experience and following your authentic movement, your whole being begins to unwind and return to a natural state of openness. As you meet your own heart and move through blocked energies, your attunement to your essence deepens.  

The gift of being present, when you are grounded in your body and connected with your heart, is that you can let go of old emotional imprints; you are empowered to step into your authentic expression  and into new possibilities of meeting life.


No previous movement experience needed. Everyone is welcome. 



$15 pre-paid, $20 at the  door


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