Fall 2020 Quarterly Newsletter

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Note: Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, in line with recommendations from the CDC and U.S. government, the Diocese of St. Cloud is implementing a temporary telecommuting policy.

During this time of stay-at-home orders, our staff will be working from home to maintain social distancing and help stop the spread of this virus. The core of our work will be maintained so that we can continue to carry out our mission. We are being allowed to come in to fill orders twice a week (Monday and Thursday). Please know we will be answering your voice mails and emails from home during this time. We ask for your patience as we transition with this temporary change.
Fully Engaged is committed to serving parishes and the facilitators in their mission to provide quality marriage preparation and formation for the engaged couples they minister to. This is the first of a quarterly newsletter to enhance this ministry.

Our goal is to share tips, tools, new materials, and current articles/media on marriage that will aid Fully Engaged Facilitators in their work. Please share this with the other mentors in your parish. You may also wish to share the email addresses of mentor couples with us so they can receive future editions directly. Send email addresses to Chris Codden at ccodden@gw.stcdio.org.
Theme: Pornography...
79.  It is acceptable to use pornography in marriage. (No) 
130.  One or both of us use pornography.  (No)
Patron Saint of Prostitutes & Day-laborers
Feast Day: January 11

Porn Struggle: Jason Evert

Also watch second video: Solution to Porn - Jason Evert at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tko2lLiG72I
Fully Engaged Website
As you might have noticed, the launch of our new website has been delayed slightly. Unexpected details have caused this, but we felt we wanted to provide for you the best service we possibly could and not prematurely unveil a site that still needs some tweaking. Our expected launch is October 1st.

The good news with this delay is we have also delayed our price increase. It will be implemented with the new launch.

Also, monthly billing has been held back until the new site is available. In October, you will begin receiving a monthly statement. The billing will be sent each month between the 7th and 10th of the month.
Fully Engaged Training Opportunities
Fully Engaged Pre-Marital & Convalidation Inventories are offering New Facilitator Webinar Trainings via Go-To-Meeting. The following options are available: 

·      Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Central Time
·      Monday evenings, November 9 and 16 – 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm Central Time
·      Saturday, December 5, 2020 - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Central Time

There is no cost for the webinar, but you will need a Pre-Marital Preview Package which is $45 plus shipping and handling. To register, call Jill at (320) 258-7611 or email her at jill.svihel@gw.stcdio.org. Please register at least 10 days prior to the class.
NOTE: All classes are offered in English. Spanish is available per request.  
The pre-recorded training videos are now available on a flash drive in an MP4 format in both English and Spanish. The cost is $25 each.

Coming soon... MP4 Fully Engaged training files will be available to purchase and download from our new website. Cost will be $25.

 Supplements now in package with Couple's Workbooks
Effective July 1st, if you are having Fully Engaged mail the Couple’s Workbooks to the couple directly, it will now include the three supplements: Catholic Identity, Finance and Infertility & Adoption.
Recent Studies
Increasing Marital Quality and Physical Health
2018 study by researchers at the University of Southern California and the University of Virginia looked at gender differences in the evaluation of marital quality. Researchers' findings indicated that women's perceptions of marital quality depend more on expressed emotional support, shared power in relationships, collaborative problem-solving behaviors and her husband's perceived reliability. On the other hand, for men, the behavior that makes the difference in perceived marital quality is "support from their wives."
Further, a 2014 meta-analysis of 126 published empirical articles over the past 50 years investigated the association between marital relationship quality and physical health. Researchers found that greater marital quality led to better health and lower risk of premature mortality. From Abstinence Clearinghouse
Marriage Enhancements
Staying Fully Engaged

For the past 2 years we have been researching and developing an inventory to be used for newly married couples. This program will include a Couple’s Workbook with catechetical information, reflection questions and formats for settings as individuals, with mentors, or for group discussion. The tool is to be used in those early years of marriage and could be used during baptismal preparation for young couples. 
We are looking for 5 to 10 parishes willing to be part of the “field test”. This part of our development process will begin January 1st. If you or a parish in your diocese would like to be included in the field test, please contact Chris Codden at ccodden@gw.stcdio,org or call (320) 250-9778.  
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Have questions, or ideas for up-coming newsletters, please let us know. You can contact Chris at ccodden@gw.stcdio.org or Jill at jill.svihel@gw.stcdio.org or call the office at (320) 258-7611.
Chris Codden – Director, Fully Engaged
                                                          Jill Svihel – Coordinator, Fully Engaged

Dawn Gohmann—Clerical Support, Fully Engaged
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